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The Memo: May 24, 2011

Worcester attorney David Manilla -- nephew of former DA Michael D. Marino -- is expected to enter a plea today on involuntary manslaughter charges, stemming from that nasty incident last year when he allegedly shot a man and killed a Quakertown man while hunting, then tried to cover it up. [Inquirer]

The most debated issue in the MontCo commissioner's race? Israel. More on this unusual talking point for the campaign. [Inquirer]

Troutman to face death: No big surprises here. Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty against the Souderton man accused in the rape and murder of his neighbor, 9-year-old Skyler Kauffman, earlier this month. As District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman put it, if any case calls for it, it's this one. James Lee Troutman waived his preliminary hearing [Inquirer]

Schwartz says ax Medicare board: U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz, D. Montgomery, penned a much talked about op-ed in Monday's USA Today calling for changing a piece of Obama's health care legislation. The GOP is trying to make hay over these statements by Schwartz, one of the bill's chief supporters. But step back folks, she spends a good chunk of her column space defending the bill except for a provision that creates a panel to cut Medicare costs by slashing reimbursements. As a former health care exec, Schwartz knows more than most on the issues. [USA Today]

And while we're talking Schwartz, looks like she's got a new role within the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. [Politico]

If your online girlfriend looks like an African supermodel, you might have something to worry about. A Hatfield man lost nearly $76,000 to a Nigerian dating site scam. [Daily News]

Underage drinking at prom, who knew? Apparently school officials at Methacton's teenage rite of passage Saturday night. The Times-Herald reports that as many as 32 students were hauled out for showing up to the dance fall-down drunk. [Times-Herald]

The Pottstown school district wants your opinion on what to do about its growing elementary school funding problem. [Mercury]