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APP ONLY: Should flag have been thrown on DeSean TD?

I like re-watching the Eagles games each week on DVR because there is always something I pick up on that I missed the first time around.

This week, there were two things specifically.

Let's start with the play that everyone in this city will be talking about for years: the DeSean Jackson game-winning punt return.

Many (including Jackson himself) have credited Jason Avant for his block on Zak DeOssie, and rightfully so. Avant crushed him.

But there was another key block by Omar Gaither. After Jackson fumbled the ball and picked it back up, Gaither hit Giants special-teamer Chase Blackburn, who then ran into a teammate, who then ran into Giants safety Deon Grant. It was a complete domino effect. One block taking three people out.

The question is: Was it legal? Gaither was pretty close to blocking Blackburn in the back, and some readers have e-mailed me and said they thought it probably was a block in the back.

I thought it was pretty close, and the refs kept the flags in their pockets.

The other nugget I picked up on came on the Brent Celek 65-yard touchdown catch. That play, which kick-started the comeback, was almost a drop. The pass was on-target, but Celek didn't catch it cleanly.

After one bobble, though, he held on and ran all the way to the end zone.

The Eagles never looked back.