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Andy's post-game thoughts

Here's a recap of what Andy Reid said after today's loss to the Redskins. As usual I've paraphrased so I could get the post up quickly.

Andy says there were a lot of things that went into it. He wouldn't just point the dropped passes.

Andy says it happens. He couldn't tell you why right now.

Andy says yes, it surprised him. He expects them to start fast all the time.

Andy says it's not a good feeling. It's not the way I wanted it. Andy doesn't want to stand before the reporters and go through this here. It's very disappointing.

Andy would like to tell you Brown crossed the goal line, but he had a bad angle so Andy couldn’t tell you that. He didn’t see a replay.

Andy says they were trying to get something started anyway they could. The run game and pass game struggled the whole game except right at the end there.

Andy says they had opportunities. There were chances to make plays but they weren’t able to make them. They could have called better plays. It starts with him. It's disappointing.

Andy says other guys did alright. Those aren’t excuses there.

Andy says he thought it was a touchdown. Jackson is going to make more of those than he misses.

Andy asks: We are still alive? He will get fed the rankings here after the press conference. That’s a positive. In that case, the loss should have no effect.

Andy says it was huge. That was a big part of it. Their punter did a great job. He did a nice job.

Andy says they have certain things they call if they're backed up but they had other opportunities there. They didn’t execute well. Andy takes responsibility for that on both sides of the ball. Whatever the reason was, that’s Andy's responsibility.

Andy says they were working with long fields. If it was a field position game, you don’t worry so much about that time. It took every second they had.

Andy says he screwed up the call there.

Andy says that didn't affect them. It’s that time of the season. The juices are going. You have a shot. That’s not acceptable. The reporter shouldn’t have to ask him that.

Andy says he knew. He thought the guys were ready to go. He sensed all week they were ready to go. They shouldn’t need anyone doing anything. The players were wired up before the game.

Andy says he's angry that he was asked that question.. He's disappointed like everyone in the locker room. They need to regather tomorrow and get it going. He doesn't know the results or scenarios of other games. They've gotta get it right before next week.

Andy says the Redskins were the better team today.

Andy says if it comes down to that... there were a few things.