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Fans approve of Eagles' picks

Last week, we asked you, the readers, to grade the Eagles' draft - both individual picks and the team's overall performance.

The (non-scientific) results are in, and fans have given Andy Reid, Howie Roseman and company a collective nod of approval.

Below is a breakdown of the results, along with a quick point or two from me. Voting numbers varied, but generally, between 2,500 and 3,500 votes were tallied. Note that I rounded the percentages, so they may not add up to 100 in each instance


My Take: Sixty-eight percent of voters gave the Eagles an A; 94 percent gave them an A or a B; and 97 percent gave them at least a passing grade. Those numbers make sense to me. The Eagles seemed to get good value throughout, while also filling their needs and taking players who should be able to contribute immediately.


1st round, 12th overall

My Take: Cox was by far the most popular pick among the voters, and for good reason. The Eagles identified a player they wanted, were aggressive in trading up to grab him and ended up with perhaps the most athletic defensive lineman in the entire draft. He finished third among SEC defensive linemen with 14.5 tackles for loss last season and should boost the interior pass rush and run defense.


2nd round, 46th overall

My Take: Given the Eagles' recent track record with linebackers, it's completely reasonable for fans to be skeptical of the Kendricks pick. Having said that, I'll go on the record saying he's going to be a good fit and be on the field right away. Fans approved of this pick, with 95 percent giving the Eagles an A or a B. On Wednesday, I wrote about how Kendricks fits in with the current group of linebackers.


2nd round, 59th overall

My Take: I wonder how many readers knew what a huge Eagles fan Curry is when they voted. The Birds traded down in the second, but still ended up with Mike Mayock's 30th overall prospect. Curry had 23 sacks in the last two seasons and was third in the nation with 22 tackles for loss in 2011. He should compete for playing time right away with Brandon Graham, Darryl Tapp and Phillip Hunt.


3rd round, 88th overall

My Take: He was the least popular of the Eagles' selections. Behind Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill, opinion varied on the next group of quarterbacks. I've mentioned before that I didn't think there was a need for the Eagles to reach on a quarterback just for the sake of having a developmental guy, but if Reid and Marty Mornhinweg believe they can turn Foles into a starter (or even a serviceable backup) in a couple years, this will prove to be a smart pick.


4th round, 123rd overall

My Take: This was one of my favorite picks because it potentially fills two needs: slot cornerback (replacing Joselio Hanson) and kickoff returner, where Dion Lewis gave the Eagles nothing last year. Fans seem to really like Boykin also, with 93 percent of the voters giving the pick an A or B.


5th round, 153rd overall

My Take: Be honest. How many of you had ever heard of Kelly before last week? That's what I thought. But there's no shame in that. Scouting Purdue offensive linemen isn't exactly high on my list of enjoyable activities either. What the numbers indicate to me are that fans trust Howard Mudd as much as any coach on the Eagles' staff. He started two rookies - Jason Kelce and Danny Watkins - last year and moved Todd Herremans from guard to tackle, all in a shortened offseason. Mudd's unit played well for most of the year. With Jason Peters out, the Eagles need tackle depth, and Kelly should provide that, along with veteran King Dunlap.


6th round, 194th overall

My Take: McNutt's measurables are similar to Riley Cooper, and that's probably the guy he'll compete with for playing time. In college, McNutt was an extremely productive player with 28 touchdowns, including 15 in the red zone. Based on the results, fans seem to have tempered expectations for McNutt, but no one's complaining about using a sixth-round pick on him.


6th round, 200th overall

My Take: See what I said above about Kelly. The Eagles needed interior depth too on the offensive line. They've got Danny Watkins, Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis as the starters, but Washington will get a chance to compete for a backup guard spot.


7th round, 229th overall

My Take: The Eagles, who need someone to complement LeSean McCoy, took a flier on the talented tailback who had a troubled college career. It could be Brown, undrafted free agent Chris Polk, second-year player Dion Lewis or a veteran to be named later. But in the seventh round, most fans were OK with the Eagles taking a risk here. For more on Brown, check out Domo's column from Friday's Daily News.

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