If, as many people are predicting, the Giants part ways with

Plaxico Burress

after this season, how would they replace him?

Gary Myers of the

New York Daily News

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that is likely to irk many Eagles fans:

Anquan Boldin


Plaxico Burress has left the Giants and Eli Manning without a No. 1 receiver for the rest of the season and perhaps beyond. What is a quality quick fix to this problem? Trade a first-round pick and a little more for Arizona's Anquan Boldin, who was unhappy the Cardinals didn't upgrade his contract before this season and could be even unhappier if they turn their back on him again.

Myers writes that the Eagles need a big, physical receiver:

Boldin is 6-1, 217, four inches shorter than Burress, but he's a physical receiver who never drops a pass. He might be the toughest player in the NFL. He missed only two games (the bye was in there, too) after needing eight plates inserted to repair two fractures in his face after the horrific hit by Eric Smith at the end of the loss to the Jets. He also suffered a concussion and needed to have his jaw realigned. And he's just 28.

Instead of trading for a receiver, Myers writes that the Giants have a couple other options. One is to add a wideout through free agency. The Bengals'

T.J. Houshmandzadeh

is the name he mentions. And the third option would be to add a receiver in the draft.