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Hopkins rips McNabb (again)

once again didn't mince words when voicing his criticism of

during Comcast SportsNet's Monday Night Live program.

Here's part of what Hopkins said when asked about where the Eagles stand this year:

"Some people are athletes, still good, but don’t have that extra ‘I’m willing to sacrifice my life. I’m willing to sacrifice what I have to sacrifice to win.’ … People never forgot when things happen, they see a guy crumble under pressure. Whether they throw up on the highway, whether they throw up on the court, whether they throw up on the football field, when people see that, that sticks in the back of their mind."

Hopkins was obviously referring to the Eagles' Super Bowl loss to the Patriots. Some of you made the same reference in

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Sunday night when

said McNabb looked winded as the Birds' offense failed to get a play off before the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter.

Hopkins continued: "Every athlete should have that killer instinct in him, especially if you the quarterback… If he’s not right here and here [pointing to heart and head], and don’t want it, the team feel the vibes…"

Up to this point in the interview, Hopkins had not mentioned McNabb by name. Host

asked Hopkins specifically if he questioned McNabb's ability to take the Eagles to the promised land, and Hopkins responded, "Years ago, years ago."

Hopkins went on to say that he thinks McNabb would be better off playing in Chicago, where he's from.

"The reason things are the way they are is because of the money wrapped in him. They can’t get rid of him," Hopkins said.

McNabb's former teammate and current WIP host

was sitting next to Hopkins during the conversation. He shook his head in disagreement during the interview and told Hopkins he was wrong as the segment concluded.

Again, this is not exactly breaking news, considering Hopkins has criticized McNabb for years, but just thought I'd pass along the latest installment.