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Jaws: Don't count the Eagles out

ESPN is doing its best to sell next week's Monday night matchup between the Eagles and Browns at Lincoln Financial Field.

During tonight's Panthers-Bucs game,

reminded us that even though the Browns are 4-9 on the season, they are 2-0 on Monday night.

then did his part to sell the matchup:

"Hey, hey, hey, my Eagles are back in the hunt," Jaws said during the broadcast. "Don't count out the Birds. It'll be rocking at Lincoln Financial next Monday. They're back in the hunt. ...

knows how to win down the stretch fellas."

then asked Jaws if he really just called them 'my Eagles.'

The Browns are coming off a 28-9 loss to the Titans where

started at quarterback. Cleveland beat the Giants, 35-14, at home in Week 6 on Monday night, and they also defeated the Bills, 29-27, in Week 11.

The Eagles' only Monday night game this season was in Week 2 when they fell to the Cowboys, 41-37.