Here's what defensive coordinator

Jim Johnson

had to say after the game. Again, I've paraphrased so that I could get the comments up quickly:

Did the defense take it personally after the way it played against the Giants earlier in the season?

Johnson said he thinks so. The memory was short since that game was only four weeks ago. That game wasn't Eagles football. The players kept at it. It was a personal challenge.

Did Trent Cole take it personally?

Johnson said Cole is a good player. He knew he had to play better than last time. He did a good job in the run game and pressuring the passer.

How big was Domenik Hixon's drop early in the game?

Johnson said the Eagles were playing tight on that play. The Giants had a good play-action fake and the safety should have been helping. It was a good break. But the Eagles' defense had a chance to catch a couple so it kind of evens out.

How big was the win?

Johnson said it was a big win. They had to win to stay in the playoff hunt.

Brian Dawkins said he had a good feeling during the week. Did Johnson sense something different?

Johnson said the team has felt good the last three or four weeks, ever since the last Giants' game. They are playing more consistent. They had a good week of practice.

What does it do for the team's confidence?

Johnson said he thinks the team is playing with confidence. He has confidence in the defense. The whole team is playing with confidence. They look like a football team, on all three sides of the ball.

How much did the offensive game plan help the defense?

Johnson said the offense did a great job of controlling the ball. The defense had a few three downs and out and were able to give the offense the ball back. It was a good combination, a good team effort.

What does it do for the defense when the offense puts together long drives?

Johnson said the big drive was the offense's drive in the third quarter going against the wind. In the fourth quarter, the defense had the wind at its backs so it could play tighter and challenge more.