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Kendra's advice for Andy and Donovan

Normally we here at Moving the Chains like to pride ourselves on being a family-oriented blog.

But today, we just couldn't resist.


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from Playboy's

, had some amusing things to say during an interview for the

before yesterday's Eagles-Browns Monday night game.

Most notable was Wilkinson's advice for


on how to get her man the ball more.

"They know to throw it to him but I don’t know what happens," Wilkinson said. "They need to get it to him more. I mean he’s kind of like a

kind of player. He’s tall and he can jump high. Donovan needs to throw the fade a little bit more to my man. He throws the fade to the wrong man. He always tries to throw it to

and it never happens. But then, every time he throws it to Hank, it happens."

It's funny, but I imagine there are several of you out there who might agree with her.

But has Kendra had a chance to convey her advice to Reid, McNabb and the rest of the Eagles' braintrust?

“Yeah I mean, I went to the Eagles’ Christmas party two nights ago and I was like going around talking to what’s his face, Lurie’s family. I was talking to Reid, I was just like going off and kissing [butt]…You guys need to get Hank back next year."

Kendra, a Chargers fan, said when San Diego plays the Eagles next year, if Baskett is still with the Birds, she'll have to get a Chargers jersey with his name and number on the back. She said Baskett usually blows her a kiss after he makes a catch. She even had a suggestion for a touchdown celebration for him.

“I told him, after the proposal. I said ‘If you get a touchdown, I want you to get down on one knee and propose the ball to me,” she said.

Kendra was on the phone from Philly where she was taking in the game. She said she sat with Reid's wife, Tammy, for the last game, but was in

box yesterday.

You can

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for the entire interview.

Back to football tomorrow. I promise.