It's been a hectic day here at MTC. Here's the latest:

The winner of the Eagles-Cowboys game will travel to Minnesota to play the Vikings in the wild-card round next weekend. Either Philadelphia or Dallas will be the No. 6 seed, or the second wild-card team. The Falcons will travel to Arizona to take on the Cardinals in the other NFC matchup.

The Vikings did not play particularly well today, but still won the NFC North because of a Bears loss to the Texans. Minnesota squeaked out a last-second 20-19 win against the Giants, but New York played its backups for much of the second half since it already had the No. 1 seed locked up.

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to join our Eagles-Cowboys chat. Philadelphia leads Dallas, 27-3, at halftime.

The Raiders beat the Bucs, 28-24, and the Bears went down to the Texans, 31-24, to give the Eagles the help they needed this afternoon.

Now it's simple: Winner of Eagles-Cowboys is in the playoffs.

Much more on the earlier games later.

But for now, check out the

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At 1 p.m., I'll be providing live updates on the early games -- Giants-Vikings, Bucs-Raiders and Bears-Texans.

For the Eagles' playoff hopes to be alive at 4:15, they need a Bucs loss and either a Vikings or Bears loss.

And at around 4 p.m., we'll switch over to the

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