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Man Up: Eagles' D reaches new low

It's one thing to get picked apart by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, as the Eagles did in Week 12.

It's one thing to get picked apart by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, as the Eagles did in Week 12.

But it's another thing to make Tarvaris Jackson (who was playing without wide receiver Sidney Rice) look like a Pro Bowler.

Jackson's final numbers: 13-for-16 for 190 yards and a touchdown. His 137.0 QB rating was the second-highest of his career; and Jackson's 11.88 YPA was a career-best. As I mentioned yesterday, Vince Young threw more interceptions (4) than Jackson threw incompletions (3).

Of course, the Eagles' problems started with their run defense. Marshawn Lynch rumbled his way to 148 yards on 22 carries, averaging 6.7 yards per carry.

Remember those 13 missed tackles earlier in the season against the Bills? That was nothing. I counted 21 misses against the Seahawks. Jamar Chaney led the way with four. Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins, Trent Cole, Asante Samuel and Kurt Coleman each had two apiece.

And keep in mind, the Seahawks only ran 51 offensive plays.

Having said that, here's the player-by-player breakdown after having re-watched the game:

Jason Babin - "You know what he needs to do? He needs to get his head on a swivel and locate him himself. That's his job." That's what NFL Network's Mike Mayock had to say after play-by-play guy Brad Nessler suggested Babin was likely asking for help to keep the tight end away from blocking him. Babin was exposed time after time against the run. He got taken out by the tight end on Lynch's 40-yard touchdown run; again on Lynch's 11-yard run in the third; and a third time on a 9-yard Lynch run in the fourth. As a pass rusher, the Seahawks tried to block him with a tight end in the first, and Babin beat him to sack Jackson. He picked up a second sack in the third as Jackson foolishly tried to run instead of throwing the ball away. Early on, Babin had a chance to sack Jackson, but missed him.

Cullen Jenkins - He had been playing well, but was quiet in this one. You won't find Jenkins' name in the box score: no sacks, no tackles, no QB hits. He pressured Jackson once, forcing him to scramble for 5 yards in the first. He also had a chance to sack Jackson another time, but couldn't finish the tackle, as Cole cleaned up.

Mike Patterson - He was OK. Patterson's pressure led to Cole's sack in the first. And he stopped Lynch after a 3-yard gain in the fourth. Didn't notice him much otherwise.

Trent Cole - Aside from a couple plays, really not much of a factor. Cole's sack in the first came after the other three defensive linemen missed Jackson. He seemed surprised when he spun around and saw Lynch still on his feet on the 15-yard touchdown run. And Cole was accused of cheap-shotting Seahawks left tackle Russell Okung with under two minutes left.

Juqua Parker - He was called for an offsides penalty in the first, but later made a couple good plays. Parker wasn't fooled by play-action and chased Jackson, forcing him to throw the ball away. And he blew up a run that was stopped after a 2-yard gain in the fourth.

Trevor Laws - His pressure up the middle led to Babin's sack in the first. Didn't notice him other than that.

Derek Landri - One of the few (maybe the only?) defensive players who played well. Landri blew up a run play that was stopped for a 4-yard loss. He tackled Lynch after a 4-yard gain in the second. And he dropped Lynch for a 3-yard loss in the second. Very good overall against the run.

Darryl Tapp - Not a good game by Tapp. He got blocked on Lynch's 9-yard run in the first. And later, he had a chance to bring Lynch down behind the line of scrimmage, but missed the tackle on what turned into a 16-yard gain.

Jamar Chaney - He had all kinds of trouble, specifically in the first half. In coverage, it looked like he had a lot to do with Michael Robinson being wide open for the 19-yard catch and run in the first. Chaney and Coleman left a huge hole in the middle of the field on Jackson's 26-yard completion to Ben Obomanu. He missed a tackle on the 8-yard screen to Golden Tate in the second. And Chaney joined Nate Allen and Keenan Clayton in missing tackles on Tate during his 25-yard catch and run in the second. Against the run, it looked like he overran the play on Lynch's 9-yard run in the first.  He took on a fullback and then got to Lynch on the 15-yard touchdown run. That was the good news. The bad news was he failed to bring him down, and Lynch scampered into the end zone. Chaney missed a tackle on Lynch's 16-yard run. And he was called for holding on 3rd-and-3 in the fourth, costing the Eagles a chance to get off the field. As the game went on, Chaney got better. He stuffed Justin Forsett for a loss of 1 in the second. He and Coleman stopped Lynch after a 3-yard gain in the fourth. And he dropped Lynch for a 1-yard loss on 3rd-and-1 in the fourth. Too little, too late.

Brian Rolle - Can someone explain to me why he comes off the field in short yardage and goal line situations? Rolle may very well be the Eagles' best linebacker against the run. I don't get it. Anyway, he got in the backfield, but missed the tackle on Lynch's 5-yard run early. Rolle later got taken out by Robinson (the fullback) on Lynch's 9-yard run. He dropped Lynch for a loss of 2 in the second. OK performance overall.

Akeem Jordan - The funny part about the Eagles' struggles against the run was that they actually were gearing up to stop Lynch. Jordan was on the field for 41 of the 51 defensive snaps, as the Eagles frequently used their base defense. The linebackers and safeties played up quite a bit, but it didn't matter. Jordan couldn't shed the tight end's block on Lynch's 40-yard touchdown run. He was slow to pick up Robinson out of the backfield on 11-yard completion in the second. Jordan looked like he was going half-speed after taking on an initial block on Lynch's 9-yard run in the third. He was blocked completely out of the play on Lynch's 11-yard run in the third and overran the play on a 9-yard Lynch run in the fourth. A couple good moments: He and Rolle dropped Lynch after a 3-yard gain in the first. And Jordan dropped Leon Washington after a 3-yard gain in the first. Not a good game overall though.

Keenan Clayton - He played about 11 snaps. Clayton missed a tackle on Tate, allowing him to pick up 16 extra yards on a third-down catch in the second.

Casey Matthews - He came in for short yardage in the third.

Asante Samuel - Did not get targeted much, but when a running back gets into the open field on his side of the field, it's pretty much over. Lynch vs. Samuel is as big of a mismatch as you'll see. On one play in the third, Samuel took a stiff-arm from Lynch and basically ran downfield out of bounds as the Seahawks running back picked up 11 yards. When things are going well for the defense and the team, you can live with those things. But not when they're 4-8.

Nnamdi Asomugha - Do me a favor and watch Asomugha during the Lynch 15-yard touchdown run. He loafs towards the middle of the field and is in terrible position to make a tackle. When he realizes Lynch is still running, Asomugha makes a half-hearted effort, diving at his feet. Not good. The cameras caught Andy Reid talking to him as he came off the field, possibly about just that, although it's tough to know for sure. He played the first 26 snaps before leaving the game with a stinger/concussion in the second quarter on a play where Jackson threw it up for grabs, and Mike Williams dragged Asomugha to the ground to prevent an interception.

Joselio Hanson - He played right cornerback once Asomugha left the game. Hanson actually had pretty good coverage on Tate in the end zone, but Tate made a great play to go get the ball and keep his feet in bounds.

Brandon Hughes - He came in and played RCB when the Eagles were in nickel after Asomugha went out, but again, they were mostly in their base defense.

Curtis Marsh - He was on the field instead of Hughes on Tate's third-quarter touchdown but was not targeted.

Nate Allen - The Eagles have spent second-round picks on safeties in each of the past two seasons, yet we really don't know if either guy can play. Allen was playing way off Tate on a third-down play when the Eagles blitzed seven. After giving up the catch, he missed the tackle, as a 3-yard completion turned into a 25-yard gain.

Kurt Coleman - Just an ugly game for Coleman. He and Chaney left a huge hole in the middle of the field on Jackson's 26-yard completion to Obomanu in the first on 3rd-and-5. He missed a tackle on Lynch's 16-yard run. He trailed Doug Baldwin on a 21-yard completion on 3rd-and-7. And he trailed Zach Miller on a 28-yard completion late in the second quarter. Coleman also missed a tackle on Lynch's 9-yard run in the third. He blitzed twice, getting in Jackson's face on both occasions. On one of the plays, Jackson completed a 25-yard pass anyway, and he threw incomplete on the other one.

Jaiquawn Jarrett - He played one snap and did not make the most of it. Jarrett took a terrible angle on the 40-yard touchdown run by Lynch, running into Samuel in the process.

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