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Man Up: Kelce, Watkins struggle

Here's the player-by-player breakdown of the Eagles' offensive performance against the Dolphins after having re-watched the game:

Mike Vick - He was out of rhythm for much of the game. Vick was 15-for-30 for 208 yards, a touchdown and an interception. He's had issues with turnovers all season, but since he injured his ribs against the Cardinals, Vick has missed more throws than usual. I've got to think that injury is having an effect. On the INT, Vick rolled to his left before throwing across his body. Bad decision. The Eagles were up 24-7, and it was second down in Dolphins territory. He made a nice throw to LeSean McCoy for 26 yards in the first. Vick bought time and found Jason Avant for a 28-yard gain to help set up the Eagles' third touchdown in the second. Good patience, good throw to DeSean Jackson for the 34-yard touchdown in the second. Vick had Jeremy Maclin open deep near the end of the first half, but overthrew him. He somehow escaped the grasp of Randy Starks in the third and found Riley Cooper for a 29-yard gain. Overall, though, Vick needs to play better than he did on Sunday.

LeSean McCoy - Rough day for McCoy. He turned the corner for 9 yards on his first run and picked up 11 yards on his next carry. But McCoy had 25 carries for 18 yards (0.72 YPC) the rest of the way. Many times, it was just a case of poor blocking by the Eagles or an exceptional play by the Dolphins. I'm sure McCoy has a couple runs he'd like back as well. He had a nice catch and run down the sideline for 26 yards in the first. McCoy also had a pair of touchdown runs from the 2 and the 1.

Ronnie Brown - He played about six snaps and had three carries for 4 yards. Brown did a poor job in blitz pickup in the first. He was late to recognize Vontae Davis coming from the corner and missed his block, which led to a Vick sack.

Owen Schmitt - He played about 22 snaps, mostly in the second half, when the Eagles were trying to run clock. Early on, Schmitt didn't get much of a block on Cameron Wake as McCoy was dropped for a 3-yard loss. But he did have a pretty nice lead block on McCoy's first touchdown run.

Jason Peters - He's had an All-Pro year, but Peters had issues in this one. He gave up a sack to Jason Taylor in the first, but Vick slipped on his dropback and stepped right into the pressure. The second Taylor sack was not on Peters. Vick took off to run, and Taylor got to him. Peters was called for a false start in the first. There was confusion in the red zone as the Dolphins rushed five, but Peters didn't block anyone and Vick was sacked. Bad block by Peters on McCoy's 1-yard run in the third. And he failed to block Starks, who pressured Vick before he escaped and found Cooper in the third. There were good moments too. Nice block on McCoy's 11-yard run in the first and on his first touchdown run. McCoy ran behind him on the 1-yard TD in the second too. And Peters did a nice job to finish his block on Jared Odrick on Vick's 28-yard completion to Avant in the second.

Evan Mathis - Mathis had some issues too. He and Jason Kelce had trouble with Starks, who pressured Vick on a completion to Jackson in the first. Mathis had trouble with a blitzing Karlos Dansby, which helped lead to a sack in the first. Starks went by him and tackled Brown for no gain in the third. Mathis did a good job on McCoy's first touchdown run.

Jason Kelce - Not a good showing for Kelce, who had been playing well. He got beat by Paul Soliai, who chased Vick out of the pocket and forced him to run in the first. He had trouble with Soliai on McCoy's 3-yard loss. Kelce got beat badly by Starks, who pressured Vick on a first-quarter incompletion intended for Clay Harbor. Phillip Merling got past him, but McCoy broke a tackle on a 5-yard run in the second. Kelce got pushed back by Soliai on McCoy's 8-yard run in the third. And Starks went right around him to drop McCoy for a 1-yard loss in the fourth.

Danny Watkins - Watkins struggled as well. I don't know what his responsibility was on the play, but Watkins didn't block anyone as Vick was chased out of the pocket and forced to scramble for 5 yards in the first. He had trouble with Kendall Langford on McCoy's 3-yard loss. Tony McDaniel beat him and ripped Vick's facemask off in the second. Watkins probably got away with a hold on the play, and McDaniel was whistled for the penalty. He was called for a false start in the first. Watkins had trouble with Langford on Vick's touchdown to Jackson in the second. Later, it looked like he was supposed to pick up Kevin Burnett, but Watkins did a poor job, and Vick was forced out of the pocket on the interception in the third. He was slow to pull and get to Merling on McCoy's fourth-quarter run that was dropped for no gain. Watkins' best moment may have been when he pulled and got to Dansby on McCoy's 1-yard TD run in the second.

Todd Herremans - Herremans got beat by Langford in the first as Vick was forced to scramble. He might have been expecting help from Watkins inside. Later, he got beat by Wake, who hit Vick and forced an incompletion on third down in the first. And Herremans had some trouble with Wake on Vick's third-down incompletion in the third.

King Dunlap - He lined up in between Herremans and Watkins on goal-line runs in the second.

DeSean Jackson - He played a good game. Jackson had four catches for 59 yards, including the 34-yard touchdown. He gook a screen 8 yards to set up a McCoy score in the second. Jackson could have had a bigger day, but Vick was off-target on a couple throws.

Jeremy Maclin - He only played about 24 snaps and had one catch for 13 yards on 3rd-and-10 in the first. It looked like Maclin almost ran into Brent Celek on a throw over the middle in the second. Good effort from Maclin as a blocker on Jackson's 8-yard screen in the red zone in the second. It looked like he was open deep at the end of the first half, but Vick overthrew him.

Jason Avant - He had two catches for 35 yards on four targets, including a 28-yard catch and run in the second. Avant also made a good block on Jackson's 8-yard screen in the second.

Riley Cooper - He had just one catch for 29 yards in the third.

Chad Hall - I believe he played only one snap and did not have a catch or a carry.

Brent Celek - He's really improved as a blocker this season, but Celek had an up-and-down day in that respect vs. the Dolphins. He made an excellent block on McCoy's 11-yard run in the first. And again on his second touchdown run. Celek did a good job on McCoy's 2nd-and-1 conversion too. But he couldn't handle Wake, who dropped McCoy for no gain in the third. Celek had trouble with Wake in pass protection in the fourth, as Vick scrambled and ran for 4 yards. He had trouble with Dansby on a McCoy run that was dropped for a 5-yard loss. And Celek missed his block on a McCoy run that was dropped for 2 yards in the fourth. As a receiver, he and Harbor lined up in the backfield on either side of Vick on one play in the first. Celek leaked out to the flat, made the catch and had a nice 11-yard pickup. He had an 8-yard grab over the middle on the next play. Celek took a screen 11 yards in the second. And he lined up out wide before catching a 9-yard slant in traffic in the second.

Clay Harbor - Quiet game. Harbor was only targeted once, but played 27 snaps. He whiffed on his block in the third, as McCoy was dropped after a 1-yard gain.

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