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Man Up: Eagles use all their weapons

Here's our player-by-player look at the Eagles' offensive performance against the Giants.

Earlier today, we broke down the 12-play, 91-yard drive in the fourth quarter.

Donovan McNabb - A very good performance from McNabb. He completed 17 of 26 passes for 275 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. McNabb showed good patience and trust in his offensive line on the big plays down the field. He hit Brent Celek for a 23-yard play and connected on the two huge plays to DeSean Jackson: a 44 yarder and the 60-yard touchdown. Great read and throw, finding Reggie Brown over the middle for 19 yards on the fourth-quarter drive. He also did a good job of buying time and finding receivers down the field throughout. Other than the INT, the one pass he would probably like to have back was the deep ball to Brown. I still think Brown had a shot to make the catch, but there's no question McNabb overthrew him a little.

Michael Vick
- He looked as comfortable as he has all season on the 32-yard throw to Jackson, which set up first touchdown. Nice play-fake and perfect throw. Vick looked a little hesitant on the 3rd-and-3 carry in the second, but eventually he got far enough outside to pick up the first down. He also showed good patience on the fourth-quarter drive, picking up 5 yards to set up the Leonard Weaver TD.

LeSean McCoy - The numbers weren't great, but I thought McCoy showed good toughness throughout. He carried 10 times for 28 yards. In the last two weeks, he's got an unimpressive 30 yards on 16 carries.

Leonard Weaver
- Tremendous performance from Weaver in all aspects. He really put his stamp on the game with five touches on that 12-play drive in the fourth quarter. He was excellent as usual as a chipper/blocker. Weaver made a nice block on the Vick touchdown at the end of the first half. Nine carries for 33 yards and four catches for 26 overall.

Winston Justice - Great job in pass protection. He was beat by Justin Tuck on a couple run plays, but played well overall.

Nick Cole - He was OK, but had some lapses both as a run blocker and in protection. Cole let Mathias Kiwanuka get by him, forcing a rushed throw in the first half. He was also broken down on a McCoy run inside the 5 in the second.

Jamaal Jackson - Solid job in the interior. I don't remember the offensive line having any communication issues, and Jackson deserves some credit for that.

Todd Herremans
- He really played well and was probably the Eagles' most impressive run blocker. Herremans had several good blocks on Weaver runs. He got just enough of a linebacker on the first-quarter touchdown to Celek. And he pushed a DB out of the play on Vick's TD run at the end of the first half.

Jason Peters - Overall, a very good job, although he did have a couple lapses. For the most part, Peters kept Osi Umenyiora away from McNabb. The exception of course was the play where he got beat and McNabb either fumbled or threw an incomplete pass. You know the one I'm talking about. It caused Al Michaels' head to nearly explode. Peters provided good protection on the 44-yard pass to Jackson and the 23-yard throw to Celek that set up the touchdown at the end of the first half. He was solid as a run blocker for the most part, although Peters got beat by Kiwanuka on one play at the end of the third.

Brent Celek - Five catches for 64 yards and a touchdown. He has a toughness play almost every week. Sunday, it was the TD where he met a linebacker and a DB at the 3 yard line and ran them over to get to the end zone. Celek had the big 23-yard catch to set up the TD at the end of the first half. He did a better job than last week as a blocker.

Alex Smith - Not a lot to report, but he did see the field.

DeSean Jackson
- I covered him in greater detail in my post-game blog entry. Just a ridiculous performance. Jackson had a hand in pretty much every score. The 60-yard touchdown was huge. Overall, six catches for 178 yards and a TD. Oh yeah, there was that punt return too.

Reggie Brown - Good efforts from Brown and poor tackling by the Giants allowed him to pick up some good yards after the catch. The big grab came in the fourth when Brown picked up 19 yards to set the Eagles up with 1st-and-goal. Overall, two catches for 31 yards.

Jason Avant
- Quiet game for Avant. His only catch was the 2-point conversion.