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Man Up: Line creates holes for McCoy

The offensive line did an outstanding job of run blocking for LeSean McCoy in the Eagles' 30-27 win against the Cowboys. Here's the player-by-player breakdown.

Here's the player-by-player breakdown of the Eagles' offensive performance Sunday against the Cowboys.

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Michael Vick- I'll have Mike Check on Wednesday, but Vick got the Eagles off to a great start with a beautiful 60-yard bomb to DeSean Jackson on the game's first play from scrimmage. Not bad accuracy, considering the ball traveled about 57 yards in the air. By the way, who didn't see that QB draw coming on the first touchdown? Keep an eye on Vick's accuracy this Sunday. I'm not convinced his thumb is OK after Vick took a hit on it against Dallas.

LeSean McCoy- Overall, 16 carries for a career-high 149 yards. Two numbers worth pointing out: McCoy's averaging 6.3 yards per carry in the fourth quarter, tops among NFL running backs. And he's converted seven of nine 3rd-and-short opportunities. Good awareness by McCoy to stay in bounds after making a 6-yard catch with 4:22 left. And his most impressive carry might have been on the last drive when McCoy met traffic at the line of scrimmage, but was patient, powered forward, kept his legs moving to pick up 13. That 56-yard gain after the Cowboys took a 20-17 lead was big too. As a receiver, just three catches for 4 yards. There were a couple occasions where he failed to make a defender miss one-on-one, something you don't see often.

Owen Schmitt- For some reason, he was charged with blocking DeMarcus Ware one-on-one on a couple occasions. On one, Schmitt was pushed to the ground and Ware got a hit on Vick as he released the ball. And on another, Ware got to Vick and helped cause an interception.

Jerome Harrison- He was on the field for three snaps. Why? Well, did you see how McCoy was playing? That pretty much explains it. Harrison carried once on the final drive for no gian.

King Dunlap- Dunlap had some trouble in protection, even though the Eagles tried to do things to help him (like roll Vick out to his left). He was beat badly by Anthony Spencer in the second, but Spencer was called for roughing the passer. Dunlap had trouble with Ware on a deep pass attempt for Jeremy Maclin. I'm not sure if he was supposed to pick up the blitzing defensive back on a Vick sack in the third, but it sure looked that way. In the run game, he did a bad job on a McCoy 4-yard run in the second, but did a nice job on a McCoy 13-yard run in the third. I had low expectations for Dunlap going into this season and didn't think he'd make the roster. I'd say he's shown potential to be an OK backup though.

Max Jean-Gilles- It's gone under the radar, but Jean-Gilles is playing good football. He's been excellent the last two games. Jean-Gilles and Mike McGlynn had an excellent double-team of Jay Ratliff on McCoy's 4th-and-1 carry on the first drive. He also did a nice job on a 7-yard McCoy run in the second; a 56-yard McCoy run in the third; and two more 13-yard McCoy runs in the second half. I thought Jean-Gilles did well in protection too. He had trouble on one deep ball intended for Maclin in the second, but other than that, held up just fine.

Mike McGlynn- McGlynn once again had ups and downs, but there were definitely some encouraging moments. I mentioned the double-team above. McGlynn also had a nice block on Ratliff on Vick's touchdown run. He got to linebacker Keith Brooking on McCoy's 56-yard run and did an outstanding job on the final drive, opening holes on runs of 13, 12 and 13 yards. McGlynn was pushed over on a play-action pass in the first and was beat by Ratliff on a McCoy 2-yard run. Ratliff also beat him on the toss to Chad Hall down near the goal line.

Todd Herremans- Cris Collinsworth gave him a lot of love on the broadcast, and rightfully so. Herremans delivered a big-time block on the McCoy 56-yard run. He took Brooking out on a 13-yard McCoy run and had an outstanding block on Ratliff on the 6-yard McCoy carry that ended the game. In protection, there were more ups and downs. Herremans did a good job on the 37-yard completion to Jackson in the second. He got beat on the play where Igor Olshansky hit Vick with his helmet. And Ratliff beat him for a sack in the third. Oh, and Herremans caught a touchdown pass on a play where he lined up outside Dunlap down near the goal line.

Jason Peters- Up until the final drive, I'd say Peters was having a decent, but not spectacular game. Then, he started crushing people. Peters took Olshansky to the ground on a 12-yard run by McCoy. On McCoy's 19-yard run, he blocked Olshansky and then took Brooking out. And he had a good block on the final 6-yard run. In protection, Peters was OK. He had trouble with Ware on a third down on the first drive. And he got beat by Spencer, who pressured Vick on his first interception.

Nick Cole- Just wanted to make sure you noticed that he came in for the goal-line package on the Herremans TD.

Brent Celek- Only targeted twice, according to the stat sheet. Celek had a nice block on linebacker Bradie James on Vick's TD run. He seemed to get the job done as a run blocker throughout.

Clay Harbor- Some of Harbor's most impressive moments of the year as a run blocker. He took Ware out on McCoy's 56-yard run, and also blocked him on the 19-yard McCoy run in the fourth. On the 6-yard carry that ended the game, Harbor's block on Ware was key as McCoy found running room on the left side. In protection, he got lined up with Ware one-on-one for some reason on the play that resulted in the first sack of Vick. Harbor was not targeted as a receiver. He played nearly 37 percent of the snaps.

DeSean Jackson- I wrote about him at length on Monday. Jackson picked up big YAC on the 37-yard grab and of course the 91-yard catch and run. What was most impressive about that play was that Jackson was clearly not at full speed, yet he stll easily outran the Cowboys' defenders. I'm not sure it was necessary to call an end around to him in the fourth quarter. Overall, four catches for 210 yards.

Jeremy Maclin- He finished with a season-low 11 yards as Vick tarageted him just three times, but Maclin did some little things well. Specifically, good downfield blocking efforts on Jackson's 37-yard catch and run and McCoy's 56-yard run.

Jason Avant- Three catches for 18 yards, but two of those converted third downs into firsts on the drive where the Eagles tied the game at 20 in the second half. One pass was low, the other high, but Avant caught 'em both.

Chad Hall- Even though Riley Cooper was active, Hall saw more time as the Eagles' fourth receiver. He also lined up in the backfield at times. Hall had a 12-yard grab to set up 4th-and-1 on the Eagles' first scoring drive. Vick looked his way over the middle on 3rd-and-2 in the second, but it looked like the ball went through Hall's hands. He played 13 snaps.

Riley Cooper- He was active, but played just three snaps. Cooper had an 11-yard grab in the third quarter.

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