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Man Up: Peters getting it done

Eagles left tackle turned in another strong performance against the Texans and is playing at an extremely high level.

Here's the player-by-player breakdown of the Eagles' offensive performance against the Texans after having re-watched the game.

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Michael Vick - I'll have the full breakdown on Monday in Mike Check, but as usual, here are some quick notes. Vick played well, completing 22 of 33 passes for 302 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. And he was also the team's leading rusher with 48 yards. Many have made the point that he's getting hit too much. Is that true? Yes. But I'm not sure that the Eagles can do a lot about that. They can run the ball more, but how much more? This is always going to be a pass-first team. And can you really blame Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg for wanting to keep the ball in Vick's hands as much as possible? I can't. As for Thursday night, Vick's numbers could have been even better had Brent Celek and Jason Avant not each dropped a touchdown pass.

LeSean McCoy - He's playing at an extremely high level. McCoy was outstanding in the screen game, catching eight balls for 86 yards. After re-watching the game, I noticed most of those yards were the result of McCoy's vision and elusiveness. He didn't really follow his blockers much. As a runner, McCoy carried 12 times for 44 yards. He's a weapon in the red zone and showed good burst on the 4-yard touchdown. When McCoy's one-on-one with a defender, he's almost always winning. The one blemish was what looked like a missed blitz pickup in the red zone on the play where Celek dropped a pass.

Jerome Harrison - He was on the field for seven snaps. People in our chat asked me why he doesn't get more touches. The answer is simple: McCoy is playing too well to be taken off the field. That being said, Harrison looked good as a runner, carrying three times for 20 yards, including a 14-yard scamper. He did an OK job picking up a blitzer in the second, but the play resulted in a sack as Vick stepped up in the pocket.

Owen Schmitt - He scored his first touchdown as an Eagle with the 5-yard catch in the fourth quarter. I noticed one missed blocking assignment in the second where Schmitt was late to pick up a blitzer as Vick took a hit low.

Brent Celek - He had the play of the game in the fourth. You already know what happened: Celek's extra effort and awareness gave the Eagles the 19 yards they needed for a first down. But consider the situation. The Eagles had been called for two penalties on the drive (one on Celek) and faced a 3rd-and-19. If they settled for a field goal on the drive, it would have remained a one-possession game. Clutch play at a critical moment. Earlier in the game, Celek picked up 20 yards on 3rd-and-9. He also had a 9-yard grab for a first down earlier in the fourth. Celek did an excellent job as a blocker, sealing Mario Williams on Harrison's 14-yard run. As I mentioned above, Celek dropped a touchdown pass and was called for a penalty. He has seven catches for 105 yards in the last two weeks.

Clay Harbor - Harbor was on the field for about a quarter of the snaps. He was not targeted by Vick and had a penalty on the opening kickoff as Jorrick Calvin ran to the end zone. Harbor looked a little awkward lining up as a fullback blocking for Hall in the second.

Winston Justice - He left the game in the fourth quarter with an injury. Before that, Justice had ups and downs. He was called for a false start in the first and had trouble with Texans defensive end Antonio Smith. Smith beat Justice in the first as Vick was forced to escape and run in the red zone. And Smith got past Justice and hit Vick on an incompletion. In the third, Justice whiffed on his block on a screen to Celek. He had some other solid moments in protection and made a good block on the McCoy 4-yard touchdown run.

King Dunlap - He spelled Justice at right tackle in the fourth quarter. Dunlap was asked to block Williams one-on-one and was called for holding. He did a decent job on Williams on the 19-yard completion to Celek.

Max Jean-Gilles - I was impressed with Jean-Gilles, particularly as a run blocker. He delivered a strong block on a 12-yard McCoy run in the first and pulled and knocked down defensive end Tim Jamison on a 13-yard McCoy run in the first. Jean-Gilles had another good block on a 5-yard McCoy run in the third and on a Harrison 6-yard carry in the fourth. In protection, he did a good job early on the 30-yard pass to DeSean Jackson. And Jean-Gilles and Justice did a good job of switching men on a stunt on Celek's 20-yard grab in the first. This might have been his best showing of the season. I'd be surprised if Nick Cole came back in against the Cowboys.

Nick Cole - He played one snap as an extra lineman in between Todd Herremans and Mike McGlynn on the Vick QB sneak for a touchdown in the fourth.

Mike McGlynn - Pretty good game from McGlynn also. He did a good job in protection on the 30-yard pass to Jackson in the first. McGlynn also did a good job on a 12-yard completion to Jeremy Maclin in the second. In the run game, he had a nice block on the McCoy 4-yard touchdown and the Harrison 6-yard run. McGlynn tried to cut a defensive lineman on a quick Vick throw to Maclin in the first and didn't do a good job. It looked like he was late to pick up Williams, who rushed inside from the DE spot, on a third down in the second.

Todd Herremans - Herremans had ups and downs. He got beat by Smith on the first play as Vick got hit, but still delivered a strike. And Amobi Okoye beat him to drop McCoy for a 6-yard loss in the fourth. Herremans delivered a good block on a McCoy 13-yard run in the first. And he did a good job of switching off his lineman to pick up a blitzer on the pass that Avant dropped in the end zone.

Jason Peters - Peters was outstanding on Thursday night. On the Eagles' big pass plays, he made sure the Texans' right defensive end was nowhere near Vick. Examples: Peters did a nice job on the 20-yard completion to Celek in the first; he threw his man to the ground on the 21-yard completion to Jackson on third down in the first; he provided good one-on-one protection against Williams on the Vick 24-yard completion to Maclin in the second; he blocked Brian Cushing on a 12-yard throw to Maclin in the second; Peters pushed his man to the ground on an incompletion to Jackson; he blocked Okoye one-on-one on the 33-yard pass to Jackson in the fourth; and he did a nice job on the 19-yard completion to Celek. In the run game, nice job by Peters on the 13-yard McCoy run. I think it's fair to say he's playing at a Pro Bowl level right now. Oh, and no penalties on Peters even though the team had 11.

DeSean Jackson - Everyone knew they'd try to get him involved early, and Vick hit Jackson for 30 yards on the first play from scrimmage. Jackson also had a nice 21-yard catch and run on third down in the first and a big 33-yard grab on the first scoring drive of the fourth quarter. Overall, three catches for 84 yards. And I would argue his impact is felt even when the numbers aren't huge. Defenses have to account for him as one of the league's most dangerous deep threats.

Jeremy Maclin- He finished with five catches for 68 yards, including a 34-yard grab in the second. Maclin dropped a pass on a wide receiver screen, but is having a consistent, solid season. Decent effort with his block on the 40-yard McCoy screen too.

Jason Avant - Two dropped touchdowns in three weeks? Who is that in the No. 81 jersey? Initially I thought the defensive back deflected the ball, but he didn't. It was a drop by Avant. He had one catch for 4 yards in his least productive outing since Week 3.

Chad Hall - He filled in for Riley Cooper. Hall was not targeted but got three carries. It looked like he had room on the Wildcat snap inside the 5 in the first, but Hall couldn't get in the end zone.

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