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Man Up: Weaver's performance; Celek's thumb

Donovan McNabb - He was OK. McNabb completed 14 of 25 passes for 238 yards and a touchdown. Let's start with the good. It looked like he changed the play on a 3rd-and-13 early when he found Reggie Brown for a 21-yard gain on a great read and throw. On the touchdown to Leonard Weaver, we saw him once again buy time, confuse the defense and find an open receiver. On the downside, he threw behind Maclin over the middle in the second quarter, and it looked like McNabb had a good chance to run for a first down in the red zone, but he instead threw incomplete to Celek.

Michael Vick - He's actually made positive contributions in two of the last three games. Vick showed good patience on the touchdown run. Brown helped him out on the underthrown 44-yard catch in the fourth. But Vick executed well on the touchdown pass to Celek.

LeSean McCoy - Not one of his better showings. McCoy found no room on the ground, rushing six times for 2 yards. He did make some nice plays as a receiver, catching three passes for 24 yards. McCoy made a nice blitz pickup on the 21-yard pass to Brown.

Leonard Weaver - I've gotten plenty of things wrong this season, but one thing I got right was when I told you in August that you would love Weaver. What a catch for 59 yards in the first. He also showed good concentration on the 4-yard TD from McNabb. Overall, seven touches for 100 yards. Weaver did a great job filling in for the injured Eagles.

Eldra Buckley - I loved Moose Johston's reaction when he came in on a short-yardage carry in the third: "Oh, who's that?" Buckley converted the fourth-and-one and got some more action in garbage time, finishing with eight carries for 33 yards.

Winston Justice - He had some trouble, specifically in the run game. Justice also got beat a couple times in pass protection. Not a bad job, but not a great job either. An average performance.

Max Jean-Gilles - He was called on to fill in at right guard once Jason Peters went down and the Eagles shuffled their line. His strength is clearly run blocking. He did a nice job on Vick's TD run in the third. In protection, he was called for illegal hands to the face, which wiped out a touchdown to Jason Avant. He also let a defender go right by him on a play-action pass in the third where McNabb took a hit.

Nick Cole - He switched from right guard to left guard once Peters went down and didn't have a particularly strong game. Cole had some trouble on a 1-yard McCoy run that was stuffed. He also got beat in protection by a defender who hit McNabb as he completed a short pass to McCoy. Cole was part of the good blocking performance on Vick's TD.

Jamaal Jackson - Solid in the run game. Jackson helped clear a hole on a 17-yard Weaver carry in the second. He was also in on Vick's TD. Jackson looked like he got beat on a sack in the second though.

Todd Herremans - He made the switch from guard to left tackle after Peters went down, and did a decent job. The Eagles actually didn't have a ton of plays where McNabb took a deep drop and looked for a receiver way downfield. The big plays in the passing game came on intermediate passes and runs after the catch. Herremans' low point came when he gave up a sack in the fourth.

Jason Peters - He went down again with an injury. Hopefully Peters is OK for Sunday. The line is much better when he's on the field.

Alex Smith - Ups and downs as a blocker. He had a terrible attempt early on, but delivered an outstanding block on the 17-yard Weaver run in the second. Bad false start penalty on 3rd-and-1 in the first, turning it into 3rd-and-6.

Brent Celek - I have to believe his thumb was bothering him because Celek missed multiple blocks, both on run and pass plays. He had really made strides in that area this season. As a receiver, Celek had two catches for 16 yards and a touchdown. He had a chance for another score on the play where McNabb scrambled and the defender was face-guarding Celek, but he couldn't come down with the ball. Love the design on the TD from Vick. Celek started on the left side of the line as a blocker and came all the way across the field.

Jeremy Maclin - He showed great speed on the 56-yard catch in the second. About 45 yards were after the catch. Maclin was the team's leading receiver with four catches for 83 yards.

Jason Avant - He had three catches for 36 yards, including a first-down grab on 3rd-and-4 during the first drive. Looked like he jumped too early on a high throw from McNabb in the second that could have been a sizable gain.

Reggie Brown - He had an early drop but made up for it on the next drive with a 21-yard catch on 3rd-and-13. Brown also made a spectacular adjustment on the 44-yard catch from Vick late in the game.