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McNabb: Why use me as the scapegoat?

Is it just me, or does

always have more interesting things to say to the national media than he does during his weekly press conferences in Philadelphia?

Just as I was wrapping up my

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, I caught McNabb's post-game interview on ESPN's SportsCenter with



. He talked about his benching, and whether he'll be missed by Philly fans once he's gone.

Here's some of what he said:

You know what, I don't go back to the benching because I personally don't agree with the benching. I think each individual person challenged themselves to do better and I think coaches, players, everybody in the organization decided 'Ok, maybe it's me. Is it just Donovan or is it just me?' And I think what happened offensively, we decided to go back to what we know. And that was what we were doing earlier in the season, and that was trying to establish the run and also intermediate passing game, set up something big downfield instead of trying to take shots all the time. We were moving the chains, controlling time of possession and scoring points and I think that's what you've been seeing the past couple weeks.

I kind of look at it and the situation as -- why use me as the scapegoat? I mean, there's other ways of going about it. You know, if all phases aren't playing well, then you bench the quarterback, they're not going to focus on all the other players. They're just going to focus on us.

Well, you know early on you use that as fire. I think at this point in my career, it's more of just going out and just having fun. I think when you play this game, and you hear criticism and then you hear people that really cheer for you, and really love the fact that you have been giving all that you have out there on the field, that's all that I strive for.

What happens is, when you've been in one place for 10 years, they say they get tired of seeing you and they want something new. But until you're gone, they don't realize what they have