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No soup for McNabb, and others

If you've been anxiously awaiting the next Donovan McNabb Campbell's Chunky Soup commercial, you're fresh out of luck.

The company will not use an active NFL player in its marketing campaign for the first time in over a decade, according to Terry Lefton of the SportsBusiness Journal.

Per the article, Campbell's last year dropped its "Mama's Boys" campaign, which McNabb had been a part of. Last year, the ads focused on LaDainian Tomlinson. Campbell's is not currently part of McNabb's endorsement portfolio, according to his Web site.

I had been debating whether to use a past McNabb commercial or a Soup Nazi clip to attach to the bottom of this post, and settled on the latter. Why? Because I make Mulagatani and porcini mushroom references whenever the topic of soup is brought up. And we all know why.


And some more Eagles links to pass along:

** named its All-Decade Defense, and Troy Vincent is the only ex-Eagle on the list. That's right -- no Brian Dawkins. NFC East blogger Matt Mosley makes the case for B-Dawk:

The only name that really bothers me not being on the list is Dawkins. I think he's a potential Hall of Fame player, although the voters haven't been kind to safeties. But you could also make a very strong argument for John Lynch. At the start of the decade, he was the measuring stick for drafting safeties.

**'s Pat Kirwan ranks the best third-down defenses in 2008, and the Eagles come in at No. 3:

The Eagles had 16 different players sack the quarterback last year. That speaks to the creative scheming of the coaching staff and the roster depth assembled by the front office. Philadelphia sacked the quarterback once every 11.9 drop backs and returns every key player in its pass rush group. The secondary lost veteran safety Brian Dawkins, but the addition of Ellis Hobbs on the corner gives Philadelphia excellent nickel and dime coverage groups. Last year, the Eagles were the second-ranked third-down defense, holding teams to just a 32.2 percent success rate. The big question for the Eagles is the potential loss of defensive coordinator Jim Johnson, who is battling cancer. Hopefully Johnson will still have an influence on this great defense.

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