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Reid's post-game comments

Here's what Andy Reid had to say after the Eagles' 20-14 win over the Giants this afternoon. I paraphrased the answers so that I could get the post up quickly (Andy was not speaking in the third person):

Reid said he's proud of the guys. It was a heck of a game. The coordinators deserve credit for a great game plan. The guys executed like crazy.The third-down offense did a terrific job.

Reid said the guys have worked hard and pushed through the ups and downs. They are getting healthier. There are going to be highs and lows. You can talk about them, but you have to execute.

Reid said both lines played their heart out. The defensive line put pressure on Eli and stopped the running game. Great job by the front guys.

Reid said Brian is playing well right now. The offensive line takes pride in getting him going. He's running like a wild man. They've got to keep him going.

Reid said

did a great job of letting him know where the team needed to be. Reid wished he would have called the timeout earlier so they could have had the wind for both the field goal and the kickoff.

Reid said LJ's had some good performances. He wasn't feeling well, but he played well and pushed through it. You weren't going to get him out of the game.

Reid said it was working well so the conditions were more conducive to running than throwing. Donovan also did a nice job when he had opportunities.

Reid said his administrative assistant was telling him about the wind early in the week so everyone had a hand in this win.

Reid said Cole is a good player. He hasn't looked at the film but it looked like Cole played well. Reid said he has a lot of trust in Cole, and Cole can play guard or center.

Reid said he can't answer that. He just knows the team played well.

Reid said guys were banged-up in certain spots. They needed an extra running back with Buckhalter being out and Westbrook being a little gimpy