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Rift between Romo and Owens?

Ed Werder reports that

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within the Dallas Cowboys because

is jealous of

relationship with


According to Werder, Owens believers Romo and Witten -- close friends -- meet privately to devise gameplans without including Owens. As a result, Owens believes Romo looks for Witten more than he does the team's other receivers during games.

Here's what an unnamed player told Werder:

Meanwhile, multiple outlets are reporting that Owens and the team's other receivers

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to discuss how the ball was being distributed and a perceived "buddy system" between Romo and Witten.

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today when talking to reporters:

Werder's article contains multiple unnamed Cowboys players critcizing Owens. Says one player:

An unnamed player describes Romo's current mindset to Werder:

The Cowboys have a huge game coming up on Sunday night against the Giants. They are currently 8-5. The Eagles play Dallas in Week 17. It should be a very interesting final three weeks of the regular season.