Ed Werder reports that

within the Dallas Cowboys because

Terrell Owens

is jealous of

Tony Romo's

relationship with

Jason Witten


According to Werder, Owens believers Romo and Witten -- close friends -- meet privately to devise gameplans without including Owens. As a result, Owens believes Romo looks for Witten more than he does the team's other receivers during games.

Here's what an unnamed player told Werder:

"He's insecure about it,'' the player said of Owens. "The thing that bothers me more than anything about this problem is that it's always something with him -- San Fran, Philly and here; always something. And he brings other people into it. You know, he talks to Sam Hurd and Roy Williams, who just got here and doesn't really know these guys. TO talks to him and so now he probably thinks Witten politics with Tony for the ball.
"That's so far from the truth. You think Tony is throwing to him because that's his buddy? His best buddy is Bobby Carpenter, and that's not helping him too much. It's crazy to think that, and I hate that he acts that way.''

Meanwhile, multiple outlets are reporting that Owens and the team's other receivers

to discuss how the ball was being distributed and a perceived "buddy system" between Romo and Witten.

Wade Phillips

today when talking to reporters:

"Just because they have a discussion...and that's what it is, a discussion, not a gripe session," Phillips said. "I don't think it's relevant. I think you're making too much out of it. That's what I think."

Werder's article contains multiple unnamed Cowboys players critcizing Owens. Says one player:

"You really want to address it with him and say, "Are you serious? Let's cut the [sh--]. But we're trying to win our way into the playoffs and, if something like that happened, if you backed him into a corner, he'd be pissed off and try to fight you or something,'' the current Cowboys player said. "So what do you do? Let it go? Then you're just like everybody else. If he's got a problem and he's upset, clear the air. He should know that everything we do on offense goes through him."

An unnamed player describes Romo's current mindset to Werder:

"To be completely honest, I just think Tony is over it; not like, "Screw it.' But I think Tony is over the mind games,'' the player said. "It would help if Tony would stand up to him, but he would never do it. He does a great job of ignoring it and not letting it affect him, and that's why it has worked as good as it has. It's just hard. I think right now everybody is to the point where, "We're going to need him, so let's not piss him off.''

The Cowboys have a huge game coming up on Sunday night against the Giants. They are currently 8-5. The Eagles play Dallas in Week 17. It should be a very interesting final three weeks of the regular season.