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T.O. goes after Emmitt, Keyshawn

While talking to reporters Wednesday,

took exception to recent comments made by ESPN analysts and former Cowboys



"Those two need their own show - Dumb and Dumber," Owens said, according to Tim MacMahon of

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According to the article, Owens called Smith a hypocrite for leaving a message with his teammate

to pass along to the team. T.O. also pointed out that Emmitt didn't even know the players' names, calling rookie running back "Rashard" instead of

. I did not hear Emmitt get the name wrong, but I don't have a tough time believing it.

As for Keyshawn, he and Owens have gone back-and-forth in the past. Here's

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, according to Jennifer Floyd of the


"For the guys like Keyshawn and everybody to say 'I am all about padding my stats'. Look at the guys that are really speaking about that. They are not experts. He was once in this position. He may not be as good as I am, but he has a lot to say about what I am doing. It seems that nobody is picking up on that. Obviously, there is some jealousy there. There is a lot of resentment because of the fact that he is in the booth because of me."

The two

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when Owens said: "My thing is, we came out the same year. He was a first-rounder, I was a third rounder. I'm still playing, he's not. You compare our stats up until the time he retired, it's a no-brainer. I'd challenge him to come out and try to make this team. He'd be a third or fourth receiver at this point. He can hate all he wants to."

And Keyshawn responded: "I don't need to defend my career. My resume speaks for itself. I have a picture of me holding a Super Bowl trophy. I'm not chasing a ring. I have one. I'm chasing an Emmy these days."

Thursday night's game should be a good one with the Saints traveling to Chicago to take on the Bears.

On Sunday at 1 p.m., most of us in Philadelphia will get Bills-Jets on CBS.


are your announcers. The other early game will be a riveting matchup between the Redskins and Bengals on Fox. It'll be



with the call.

Only one 4 o'clock game but it should be a good one. The Steelers travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens.

on the play-by-play and

with the color.

Sunday night is Giants-Cowboys, and Monday night, of course, is Eagles-Browns.

You have my permission to leave the house Sunday (do holiday shopping, put up Christmas lights, catch an early showing of

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; I don't really care), come back, check your fantasy playoff scores and settle in for the 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock games.