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Videos: DeSean hugs Lurie; Vick's commercials

A couple videos to share. One is of the Eagles' locker-room celebration after their win over the Cowboys. The second is of Michael Vick's new series of commercials.

In case you missed my post from late Monday night, here are updated Eagles playoff scenarios after the Giants' 21-3 win over the Vikings.

Also posted Monday was a breakdown of DeSean Jackson's performance this season, compared to 2009.

And Man Up on the defense.

I'll have Man Up on the offense later today.

Below are a couple videos to share. The first is of the Eagles' locker-room celebration following their 30-27 win against the Cowboys in Dallas. I enjoyed the DeSean-Jeffrey Lurie moment, the DeSean-Andy Reid moment and Michael Vick telling his teammates they're not done yet.

The second is a series of local ads for Woodbury Nissan. As Vick's made his comeback this season, we've seen fans support him in the form of Pro Bowl voting, and we've seen the media jump onto the story in the form of one-on-one interviews on every pre-game show and nationally televised games.

During one interview, CBS' James Brown showed Vick a commercial from his days with the Falcons and asked him if he'd like the endorsements to start rolling in again.

Vick said he would, and while we haven't seen a national company take Vick in yet (that I'm aware of), he did do this local spot.

Given Vick's financial situation, getting back in good graces with advertisers goes hand-in-hand with what he's doing on the field.

Not a bad acting job, either. I personally enjoyed the DeSean reference and the fact that he allowed a complete stranger to smack his back-side at the end.

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