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Vikings fans pass on playoff tix

According to the

, the number of seats available

» READ MORE: is down to 14,000

as of Tuesday afternoon. Tickets are available for as little as $30. The blog post says the Vikings will have until about 3:30 p.m. Friday to sell out or the game will be blacked out. Pretty funny to read the comments section. Readers blame any number of different factors for the lack of tickets sold, including:

Minnesotans being cheap

Brad Childress being boring

The economy

The Metrodome


» READ MORE: Rich Hofmann pointed out in his blog yesterday

, 20,000 tickets remain available for this Sunday's Vikings-Eagles playoff game.


» READ MORE: article in today's Star-Tribune

takes a closer look at why so many available seats exist. One interesting nugget: Only 55 percent of Vikings season-ticket holders decided to purchase playoff tickets.

That sounds like an insane number. Isn't having a chance at playoff tickets one of the reasons you purchase season tickets in the first place?

As the article points out, the game could be blacked out in Minnesota, which hasn't happened since the Vikings' regular-season finale in 1997. And no NFL playoff game has been blacked out since the Dolphins-Ravens game in Miami in 2002.