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Washburn pushing for Haynesworth?

The Jim Washburn-Albert Haynesworth connection was first mentioned shortly after the Eagles announced that Washburn would be their new defensive line coach.

Haynesworth had his most productive years as a pro playing for Washburn in Tennessee, and it earned him a monster contract with the Redskins.

But we all know how things have turned out in D.C.

While Haynesworth's future with the Redskins appears shaky (to put it mildly), the question has come up once again: Would a reunion with Washburn make sense?

That's where today's column from Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports comes in.

"[Washburn] is convinced he can get the most out of Haynesworth," an Eagles source told Silver. "He wants him badly."

Back in January, I offered my take on Haynesworth, and it really hasn't changed too much since then. As recently as last season, he showed that when he wants to be, he can still be a dominant, disruptive defensive tackle. A true difference-maker. We saw him throw around multiple Eagles offensive linemen in the teams' first meeting (not the Monday night blowout).

Of course, Haynesworth also has shown that he can be a headache - both on and off the field. There have been several red flags with him over the years.

Here are the key questions on Haynesworth:

1. What will it take to get him? Remember, he is not a free agent. Right now, Haynesworth is still under contract with the Redskins. It's difficult to predict what the Redskins would want in return, but given the risk involved, I can't imagine the Eagles would be willing to offer much. Keep in mind, Haynesworth is reportedly due a guaranteed $5.4M in 2011.

2. How big of an impact can Washburn have on him? If Haynesworth ends up getting released, that's when he becomes a more intriguing option because the Eagles could likely protect themselves with a new contract. If the Birds' brass believe Washburn can get the most out of him, and that Haynesworth can be a difference-making defensive lineman, maybe they'd look into it.

Silver's column offers up some other nuggets, with the primary theme being one we've heard often this offseason: The Eagles have an aggressive plan in place or free agency.

"This is the year," the Eagles source told Silver. "We think we have a great shot to win it, and we're loading up and going for it."

Silver mentions a couple other names in addition to Haynesworth: Plaxico Burress (who I wrote about yesterday) and Reggie Bush.

Considering LeSean McCoy's ability as a receiver and the team's decision to draft Dion Lewis, I'm not sure Bush makes much sense here.

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