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Surprise: Cowboys WR Williams frustrated

On the day the NFL trade deadline passed, what was the first thing you and your friends started trading e-mails about?

OK, what was the first thing you started e-mailing about AFTER you complained about the Eagles not getting


It was probably the Cowboys' acquisition of wide receiver

from the Lions.




and now Williams? How would anyone stop this team?

But when you looked at it more closely, you thought 'Wow, that's a lot to give up.' And 'How are they going to keep all those guys happy?'

So today's news should come as no surprise. The headline in the


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Based on his actions, you'd have thought Williams had a huge role last week against the Ravens. At least twice by my unofficial count, he rose up after making a catch to make an emphatic first-down gesture at Texas Stadium. But when examining the box score, the numbers weren't as impressive -- three catches (a season high) for 12 yards.

"I know I am a player in this league," Williams said in the article. "My thing is, if you brought me in half the season, you obviously know what I am capable of doing. You wouldn’t have spent what you did to get a person. You know what I can do. I know what I can do. I can tell you what I can’t do. I’m just waiting."

So the obvious question here is: What does

have to say about all this? You might be surprised actually.

"If you bring a guy over here and you pay him that much money, you want [him] to be involved," Owens said. "He has a lot of talent. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be here. I’m not saying that in a negative way. I’m saying that because I know he can help the team. Once we figure out a way we can get him more involved and he can help this offense, the better off we’ll be."

I know we always dissect T.O.'s words, but did anyone else notice the "and you pay him that much money" part?


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returned to practice after missing a day due to illness. As did Witten. Both players are expected to be ready on Sunday.

Barber, meanwhile, practiced in a limited role and is expected to be a game-time decision.

Look for the Week 17 picks later today or tomorrow. And I'm considering doing a live chat during the 1 o'clock games Sunday to keep everyone up to date on the Eagles' slim playoff chances. And of course, we'll have our usual game chat at 3:45.