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Don Banks has

Andy Reid

12th on

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, listing the chances of Reid being fired at 25 percent:

It's not out of the question that a change is in the offing in Philly, but my gut tells me that that Eagles management will give Reid the benefit of the doubt in this, his third non-playoff season in four years. But with three games remaining in the rugged NFC East, the story could still take a downward spiral for the Eagles in December.

Mike Lombardi of

agrees with yesterday's

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, which recommended that Reid should give up his personnel duties:

From what I hear, Philly fans, Reid is coming back and wants to come back to rule and preside over the Eagles team. As Bruce Springsteen once wrote, Poor man wanna be rich; rich man wanna be King; and King ain’t satisfied to rule EVERYTHING. And Reid wants to rule. But Reid has to be honest and look over his roster and ask himself this question: How good has my talent evaluation been? And if he does that honestly, he might be willing to accept some changes. But he does not need a yes man; he needs someone who can challenge him based on their own football knowledge and who is not going to be intimidated by his presence. What is very funny to me is that all these problems have been brewing in Philadelphia for some time, but between Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook, they hide the results of the player procurement moves. Now, with both of them not playing to their full talents, this question of Andy as GM has come to the forefront. This is going to be a fun off-season in Philadelphia, that’s for sure.'s


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in his power rankings:

I did mention last week that the given-up-for-dead Eagles were primed to lay a whipping on the first-place Cardinals. Sometimes this stuff is too easy.'s

Rick Reilly says

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for not knowing the overtime rules. He's not alone.

Adrian Hasenmayer of

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in his power rankings:

The local Philly crisis hotlines can cool down this week after beating the Cardinals like turkeys on Thanksgiving (insert cheesy rim shot here). Donovan McNabb's four touchdown passes got all the run, but more important was the resurgence of previously gimpy RB Brian Westbrook, who scored four TDs himself.

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in its power rankings:

They're back in the picture if they can beat the Giants on the road. Their strong showing against the Cardinals shows that Donovan McNabb still has something left.'s

Pete Prisco

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in his power rankings:

Donovan McNabb showed against the Cardinals that he should still be the guy. But let's see what he can do on the road against the Giants.'s


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for their performance against the Cardinals:

Donovan McNabb turned the benching into a big game, throwing four touchdown passes. Brian Westbrook had a big day, too. The defense had a good day with three takeaways.

The National Football Post

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in its power rankings:

Interesting development in the city of Philadelphia this past week. Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb had their backs against the wall, and they responded with a very convincing win over the Arizona Cardinals. Is that what it takes to get this team going?

USA Today

has the Eagles 16th in its

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Michael Silver

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» READ MORE: has the Eagles 18th


Tonight's pick: Chargers vs. Raiders

I've been trying to get the weekly picks done by Thursday with the early games but wasn't able to this week. Look for all the selections some time Friday.

It's hard to pick a 4-8 team to cover a 9.5-point spread, but I have to do it. The Raiders struggle to put points on the board, and while

Philip Rivers

may have a difficult time against Oakland's pass defense, look for a San Diego defensive or special teams touchdown to make the difference.

The pick: CHARGERS (-9.5)