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What they're saying: McNabb underappreciated?

Here's a roundup of what writers across the country are saying about Donovan McNabb after he agreed to a restructured deal with the Eagles last week:'s Ross Tucker calls McNabb one of the most underappreciated athletes in NFL history:

McNabb has provided Eagles fans with an exciting decade of football with an extremely entertaining style. Just like most of other teams would take the Eagles' success in a heartbeat, the same goes for franchises that would love to have him under center. He is a proven winner who has stood in the face of intense criticism for years and handled it with aplomb. Now if only Eagles fans could see as much.'s Alex Marvez says McNabb has earned every penny from the Eagles:

Of course, this new deal will only temporarily end speculation about McNabb's future in Philadelphia. He didn't get a contract extension, which means McNabb could become a free agent in 2011 at the age of 34. Even so, there's less reason than ever to believe that McNabb will be playing anywhere else as long as he remains an upper-tier talent and Reid is head coach. For those who don't believe me, keep doubting. McNabb is at his best when proving people wrong.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk wonders what the effect of McNabb's new deal will be in the Eagles' locker room:

To the extent that this is the "financial apology" that McNabb reportedly wanted for his one-half benching during a late November loss to the Ravens, it was a huge one. We continue to be amazed by the Eagles' decision to give so much money to McNabb without an extension, and we can't imagine the move helping to bring the locker room together.

Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post says the deal is a win-win for both sides:

This gesture ensures the locker room will not become a circus, which at times has focused more on contract issues than opponents (I know Sheldon Brown is still unhappy, but every team has  a few unhappy guys). McNabb turns 33 in November, which is not old for quarterbacks in the NFL, and the end of the deal places him at age 35. He's still in good position to make a very good living, assuming he plays well. So this is a "win-win" deal for both parties, as McNabb can create the negotiation advantage he needs for a new, bigger deal in two years – which, if he does well, the Eagles would be happy to pay. If he doesn't play well, or struggles to stay durable, he misses the big new contract. Both sides are winners. And when McNabb's deal is done, the Eagles will still retain the rights to Kolb in an uncapped year. Kolb will have only four years of service toward free agency, and in an uncapped year, he would need six.  Everyone wins!

ESPN's Mark Schlereth chimes in with his thoughts on the McNabb deal.

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