Time for our weekly look at who's picking the Eagles...

Les Bowen of the

Daily News

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, 20-13.

Paul Domowitch of the

Daily News

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, 24-13.


Peter King

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, 24-20:

Not sure what's louder by game's end -- boos for Terrell Owens or chants to fire Andy Reid. Dallas has won one road game in the past 13 weeks, by the way. I'm picking the Cowboys because I don't like the Philly offense -- at all -- and because I think Tony Romo's tired of hearing what a useless player he is when the games get very big.

Dom Bonvissuto of


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much of a chance:

The Eagles have a sliver of hope. They first need to beat the Cowboys. They also need the Bucs to lose to the Raiders. If those two things happen, they also need either the Vikings to lose or the Bears to lose. If all that happens, the Eagles would be the No. 6. Also, if all that happens, we'll type next week's projections with our nose.

Bill Simmons

the 1.5-point spread:

The all-time "I don't trust either of these teams" game. I hated this pick both ways, changed it 35 times and settled on being more frightened of having the Cowboys than the Eagles. Shouldn't Fox prepare PSAs for the fans of both teams either way?
ESPN's Sunday Countdown


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on the game. Analysts Tom Jackson and Keyshawn Johnson go with the Eagles. The other three pick the Cowboys.

As for the rest of ESPN's experts, five of eight

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Pete Prisco

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, 23-17:

If the Cowboys win, they're the sixth seed. The Eagles need to win and get help. These two don't like each other, which should make for an interesting game. The Cowboys struggled last week against the Ravens, but I think they get it going on offense here. Tony Romo can win in December.


Harmon Forecast

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, 21-20:

Cowboys QB Tony Romo faces an Eagles defense that held the Redskins to 4.4 yards per pass attempt and no touchdowns. Eagles QB Donovan McNabb will test a Cowboys defense that registered six sacks, but struggled to get to the quarterback late in the game and gave up a touchdown pass in the third quarter to a receiver who had an injured arm.

Five of six



the 1.5-point spread.


USA Today


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, four picking the Eagles and four going with the Cowboys.