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LM Township Manager's contract delayed, praise and criticism ensue

Lower Merion Township Manager Doug Cleland's contract was again postponed for action, but several members of the public came forward to show their support for his contract renewal.

Action on the Township Manager Doug Cleland's contract was again postponed during the Wednesday, April 18 Board of Commissioners meeting, but discussion of the topic, from audience members and a few members on the board, didn't die as easily.

Four other comments echoed these sentiments on Cleland's work, pleading for his contract renewal.

Maley struck a chord with a few commissioners when he later remarked that his father watched former U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy's crusade in the mid-20th century, and said "Joe McCarthy gives the Irish a bad name."

Theses comments were brought up several moments later by commissioners like Philip Rosenzweig.

Commissioner Zelov agreed, saying the comments were not only unfair, but also ignorant of the hard work Brown does as a board member.

"It was also clear that the problems with the contract language couldn't be resolved by changes to the language on the fly," she added in the e-mail. "Therefore, the commissioners agreed at the last minute that the proposed contract needed to be removed from the agenda last night."