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Are you ready for Broad Street? A checklist for newbies

For many runners toeing the start line on Sunday, May 1, Broad Street is their first real distance race.  Some have completed a 5K - maybe a 10K - but a double-digit race is a whole new ball game.  If you're a Broad Street newbie – fear not – we have a checklist to keep you on course for the last week of training!

  1. Consistency in training trumps everything.  If you've run consistently, you made great progress.  Running a minimum of three times per week (two shorter runs and one longer run) is ideal for Broad Street.

  1. You've gradually increased your long run distance – trying to avoid big jumps from week to week.  You completed your longest long run (ideally between eight to 10 miles) about 10 to 14 days prior to May 1.  If you can run eight miles, you can certainly finish Broad Street.  Your adrenaline and the crowd support will carry you those additional two miles!

  1. Be confident.  Believe in yourself and your training.  Think of May 1 as a day to show off all your hard work!  And no matter what the outcome, smile and be proud – you are officially a Broad Street Runner (and no longer a newbie)!

Kristy Campbell is a RRCA-certified coach located in Conshohocken and founder of Run The Long Road Coaching She believes that success in running comes down to hard work, consistency, and determination.  In her spare time, she runs around after her daughter, Fiona.

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