This podcast, called "RunCast", is a mental training technique called visualization, which is used to prepare you for your upcoming race. In it, I will lead you through a guided mental tour, so that you will feel like you are actually running the race.

Through the practice of visualization, also known as guided imagery or mental rehearsal, a picture is created to form a desired outcome. In running and racing, the practice is used to anticipate the race in your mind's eye so that your mind and body become trained to actually achieve the desired performance and result.

When using the method, the senses are enhanced through visualizing (imagining the sights of the race); kinesthetic awareness (how your body feels); and auditory sounds (hearing the roar of the crowd). It is best implemented in a quiet place with your eyes closed.

Get ready to run your mental Broad Street Run!

Future RunCasts will include the Rock N Roll Philadelphia Half-Marathon, the Philadelphia Marathon, the NYC Marathon, and more.

Coach Mindy is the founder, owner, and head coach of The Running Center, which offers group and private training programs for runners of all abilities. Mindy has coached 12,000 runners since 1992, and is certified by USA Track & Field as a Level 2 running coach, with Level 3 coursework. Born and raised in Philly, she spent over 20 years in NYC, and is proud to be returning to her roots this year.

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