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Meet the Run Coach: Marcy Gialdo

I started competing in endurance events 15 years ago. After I was exposed to mentoring other athletes, I realized that helping others achieve their goals was one of the most rewarding experiences I could have and knew I wanted to continue on this path.

About four years ago, I started officially coaching athletes and am a USA Triathlon certified coach. Since that time, I have helped individuals compete in their first 5K, others attempts to qualify for the Boston Marathon and many athletes in between. I have also coached teams like Team Healthier Generation, who race and raise funds for a good cause and WAVES, a local all-women's racing team.

Just as every person is unique, every goal is unique. I love the challenge and opportunity that every athlete brings me and am honored by those who put their goals in my hands. I believe that successful training occurs when you blend the commitments and obligations of everyday life with an athlete's goals. There's an art to putting together a training plan that not only is meant to better an individual runner but is also attainable on a daily basis.

My job as a coach is to make each athlete believe that they can reach their goal by pushing them, holding them accountable and ultimately, giving them the 'right' workouts at the 'right' time.

I am committed to each runner's goals as if they were my own and strive to provide the kind of coaching that not only leads each athlete to their initial goal, but to goals beyond what they originally thought they could achieve.

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