No, guys. I didn't accidentally leave the word "not" out of that headline.

In a recent interview with Hoops Hype, Sixers all-star guard Jrue Holiday said that center Andrew Bynum, who has taken a lot of heat for not playing this season, is "an awesome teammate even though he didn't get the chance to play."

"He showed me a lot of perspective from the big men aspect of the game," Holiday continued. "I do think he's one of the best big men in the league and having him on the bench and in the locker room helped me to improve my game."

Just how awesome of a teammate is he? So much so that Holiday would like Bynum to come back next season, but only if he can play:

I'd love him to… obviously, if he's healthy. If he's healthy I think he's the best big in the league, but like I said it's tricky because of the knee injuries ... They actually haven't talked to me about [if they're planning on re-signing Bynum] so I don't know. Again, it's a tricky situation because of his knees, his injuries. You can't really make the decision just yet.

Read the full interview here to get Holiday's thoughts on the new GM, the loss of Doug Collins, and being a leader.

h/t @SpikeEskin