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A-Rod publishing war did not happen in real life

- It turns out that publishing war that broke out over A-Rod's tell-all book never actually happened, making everything A-Rod touches into a scandal.

- No one's going to fault you for re-living this certain 100th goal of someone's career many, many times today.


- That fan's hat couldn't stop a frank exchange of ideas in the Thunder's locker room, however.

- The NBA's number one jersey seller is out with an injury again. This time, Kobe Bryant may not be back for six weeks or longer. Naturally, the NFL poured on the support.

- Steph Curry, desperate hook shot, take one:

Yeah we should probably try that one again.

- Professional basketball analyst Shaq, just enjoying the heck out of life.

Chuck refers to "LeeRoy Jetson." Shaq asks "is that the black Jetson?" proceeds to have a laughing attack

- Boy, what a great week it would be for the Bears locker room to turn on itself because of the Greatest Sports Debate of our Generatio: Cutler or McCown?

- Danica Patrick has... um, changed.

- Tryouts have started! For the North Korean basketball team! Coached by Dennis Rodman! Why is this happening.