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AJ Burnett is gonna need Yasiel Puig to just settle down please

- All right, Yasiel Puig, you have that incredible arm and A.J. Burnett accidentally singled to right, but let's all just acknowledge that it would take a brain dead stegasaurus not to get to first before you can throw it there.

Burnett would have a 3-for-3 night at the plate, which actually isn't surprising, given the dark forces at play.

Vin Scully on A.J. Burnett: "He's a very colorful character, apparently. When he was with the Marlins, they put a nickname on him: Satan."


- Danny Carcillo was apparently not surprised when a bunch of Flyers fans reacted negatively to his taunting of them after scoring a goal in the playoffs.

- Philly fans aren't the only ones being downright vulgar. The Mets' Matt Harvey has scandalized himself by giving the finger (GASP) in a picture taken by his mother (GASP GASP GASP), and some columnist for Newsday couldn't be more horrified.

- The Knicks are so serious about rebuilding with Phil Jackson that they'll let him do whatever needs to/James Dolan allows to be done.

- People sure don't like that Drake was lint rolling his pants while courtside at a Raptors playoff game. People are weird.

- San Jose Sharks coach Todd McLellan didn't like how his team didn't immediately execute their series-long strategy against the Kings upon entering overtime.

i think i've figured out the sharks keys to victory: hit it toward jonathan quick

- "Welcome to the first NFL playoff game ever televised on ESPN. Hopefully we'll be able to fit some football in between the celebration of this meaningless fact."

- Schedule Release Day! It's up there with holidays like Super Bowl Media Day and The Combine that don't really matter but boy it would really help the NFL if you thought they did.

- NBA playoffs MVP thus far: The Toronto Sun.

- Though I supposed you've got to give credit to their inspiration.

- Meanwhile, nobody knows what the front page of Bay Area rags are calling this.

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