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Allen Iverson explains why he could never be a basketball coach

Allen Iverson hasn't played professionally in several seasons, and at last season's jersey retirement ceremony, he seemed to be at peace with the fact that his basketball playing days were behind him.

"I wouldn't change anything for anything in the world," he said after the ceremony.

Iverson is currently in the Philippines coaching a celebrity basketball game and running some camp for kids. Despite being past playing professionally, 'The Answer' plans to keep the game that he loves as a central aspect of his life.

However, unlike many players after they hang up their high-tops, Iverson has no interest in pursuing a career in coaching. His reasoning is quite simply.

"No I would never want to coach," Allen recently replied to a question about his interest in it. "We would never practice."

Iverson's well-received response was of course a reference to his infamous 'practice' presser from May of 2002.

Clearly, even in retirement, Iverson is uninterested in practice.