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Andy Reid has 346-pound Chiefs lineman throw a touchdown pass

While you were sleeping off your Christmas dinner, former Eagles coach Andy Reid was staying true to form during the Chiefs' 33-10 blowout win over the Denver Broncos that eliminated the Super Bowl champs from the playoff chase.

Reid, known for his love of trick plays, brought out 346-pound nose tackle Dontari Poe on offense late in the fourth quarter with the Chiefs up, 27-10.

Most assumed Poe would be running the ball William "Refrigerator" Perry-style, but instead, Poe took the snap and jump-passed to tight end Demetrius Harris for a touchdown, putting the final dagger into the Broncos and their playoff hopes.


Poe, who was already the heaviest player in NFL history to score a touchdown, became the first NFL player since 1982 to record a touchdown pass and a sack in the same season. He's also the first defensive player in the Super Bowl era to have both a touchdown pass and a rushing touchdown in a season, according to the Denver Post.

Reid called it a "bloated Tebow pass."

"Yeah, you know, I've learned this over time here -- you can't score enough points against these teams," Reid said of running the trick play despite the late lead. "So, you can't take anything for granted. We're going to score as much as we can until we can't do it."

Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib didn't think the play was disrespectful.

"Nah, it's football. There was still time on the clock," Talib said. "They were close enough to score a touchdown and we stopped them in the run a couple of times, so they came with a fake run-pass. If you know the Chiefs, you know when they get inside that 10, they're gonna come with crazy kind of formation, crazy plays. This time, they had a d-tackle pass for us. We already knew the Chiefs were going to have something for us in the red zone."

At least one former quarterback wasn't too thrilled with Poe's touchdown toss: