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Angel Hernandez ruins baseball game

Angel Hernandez, always in a hurry to prove how inadequate he is at his own job, was at it again during last night's Athletics-Indians contest. He called this crucial Adam Rosales home run a double, and for some reason, after looking at the replay, called it a double again. Then he ejeced A"s manager Bob Melvin for having a problem with that.

The numbers aren't yet in on how much money MLB saves on video equipment by having the umps disappear into that little room to watch a debated home run ball, but actually just walk into an empty room, count to 20, and jog back out onto the field.


Good news from NHL playoffs front: Marc-Andre Fleury is terrible.

But not just terrible. As SB Nation investigates, he could be the worst playoff goalie of all time. This is a joyous revelation for those of us waiting for the Penguins to lose, which is everyone with a soul.

Here's one of his more exemplary failures from game four of Pittsburgh's series in New York.


Miami continues its torrid pace to the bottom as they not only shut down the upper levels of their glorious stadium, but also now experience the disinterest of the local economy.

Several businesses have already pulled out of leases to set up near Marlins Park, and several more are being awfully persnickety about the process.  As Deadspin notes, even if the remaining businesses were to open, they would bring in less than $20,000 for the city.

That's more money Jeffrey Loria can't spend on his life force, hurting Miami sports fans; who, as Joakim Noah learned after last night's Bulls-Heat playoff game, are endlessly sympathetic.


Look at the cover of Nick Offerman's book.

Okay have a great day.