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Atlanta Hawks troll Tony Romo for some reason

The Cowboys are understandably emotional, given the epic nature and size of their horrendous 37-36 loss to the Packers, but now the Tony Romo-blasting has extended beyond not only the NFC East, but the NFL itself.

It seems no sport is above picking at the dried up carcass of the Cowboys' loss, as the Atlanta Hawks for some reason decided to get in on the fun.

If Tony Romo needs advice in late-game situations, we know a guy he can call...

Ah, yes. I remember my great grandfather telling stories about the old Dallas Cowboys/Atlanta Hawks rivalries of their respective sports' golden ages. They'd barely ever run into each other, but if they did, oh man, you better believe they'd pass each other without realizing the other was there. Such bitterness! Such coldness!

And it's great to see that timeless dynamic return in the Twitter age.