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Beginning of time when talk of NFL Draft intensifies again is here

- Finally, finally, we can start discussing the NFL Draft. I've got all these thoughts, inflating my brain like a balloon full of hot gas, but as we all know, all talk of the Draft must be held in until this week. So get ready for a solid week of analysts and fans releasing steamy bursts of draft breakdowns.

Draft Week. Finally.

Or perhaps Draft Week is the sequel to Draft Day, in which am embattled Kevin Costner has to keep the Browns relevant for seven straight days.

- Nolan Arrenado of the Rockies has a 24-game hit streak and oh yeah he can do stuff like this.

- Don't worry, Ian Kinsler, the same thing happened to me when I was in Little League. Only I was trying to talk to a girl in the stands. And she wasn't talking back to me.

- Phillies starting pitching: Look, we're pulling off wins, okay?

Roberto Hernandez has thrown 17 pitches so far. Just five for strikes.

- I'm no hockey mastermind but I've always been told that "goals" were a pretty critical facet of the game.

- Monta Ellis of the Mavericks is having a pretty good playoff serieooooooohhh yeah, right there. You got it.

- Currently being debated of Reddit is each NFL team's most iconic images. For the Eagles, you may choose between Chuck Bednarik setting up a crime scene around Frank Gifford or LeSean McCoy frolicking in the snow. The Bengals were not as lucky.

- Jeffrey Lurie is the #2 ranked NFL owner according to this list. Also according to the list: Chip Kelly is the next Bill Belichik.

- Meanwhile, according to former players Franco Harris, the running back position barely exists anymore, which is odd, given the fact that Shady is not a factor of our imagination, which we know by checking every few minutes.

- Nationals GM Mike Rizzo is just another one of those incredibly comfortable-looking front office guys on camera.

Cigar Aficionado has a feature story about Mike Rizzo.