Here's the latest edition of Not Another Philly Sports Talk Show. Inquirer columnist Mike Sielski, Daily News columnist David Murphy and's Jonathan Tannenwald let fly about a week full of uproars in Philadelphia sports.

First on the docket is disgruntled Eagles running back DeMarco Murray's now-infamous "chat" with owner Jeffrey Lurie on the team's flight back from New England. Murray said he didn't want it to blow up, but it of course did. How much is Murray himself to blame for the situation?

Then it's on to the 76ers' hiring of Jerry Colangelo to be the team's new "chairman of basketball operations" - or, as Daily News columnist Marcus Hayes put it earlier this week, "Sam Hinkie's daddy." But was it really a demotion when Colangelo will be working from his current home in Arizona? And what were the real reasons for the move? There are a lot more than there might appear to be on the surface.

Last up is the Temple football stadium situation, and mayor-elect Jim Kenney's remarks that caused the university to put the brakes on the development process.

(While the show was being recorded, Kenney had a few more things to say on the matter, as reported here by the Inquirer's Marc Narducci.)

Is it the right way for the school to spend its money (which is also the students' money), and to an extent the taxpayers' money (including some taxpayers who didn't go to Temple)?

Let's just say the show got a little raucous at the end.

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