The NFL Draft happened last night. Apparently that's something people want to hear about?

- Ratings didn't lull for the draft, as it received its highest TV rating ever; higher than all but one of last year's 78 NBA playoff games.

- Much of the NFL Draft was reporting that certain things didn't happen - Johnny Manziel wasn't drinking a beer; Ha Ha Clinton-Dix wasn't smoking a joint, the Browns didn't draft Manziel "22th" overall because that isn't a number.

- But be nice to Browns fans today. They've been through a lot. And you know what, guys? I think everything is gonna be okay.

Within 25 minutes of Johnny Manziel pick, #Browns had sold 200 new season ticket accounts and had 300 renewals.

- Browns owner Jimmy Haslam involved some pretty elite talent in his decision-making process.

- Donovan McNabb is pretty sure Manziel went to the right place.

- Somehow, the Vikings found a way to lose.

The Vikings tried to trade with Philadelphia, before Cleveland pulled it off, to go and get Johnny Manziel. Didn't work out.

- Roger Goodell: Super comfortable in spontaneous photographs. Thanks for this revelation, first round pick Sammy Watkins.

- Announcing a pick for the Lions, Barry Sanders fell victim to the endless heightening of the microphone industry.

When you're one of the all-time greats like Barry Sanders, you don't need to adjust the microphone. #NFLDraft

- According to this guy, Eagles fans are (Disappointed? Kind of hungry? Brain farting?) about their team's pick.


- Angelo Cataldi, noticer of things.

Angelo Cataldi on WIP telling Marcus Smith it is weird Louisville had 3 first round draft picks but didn't go to a big bowl game.