Thursday afternoon, the 49ers hired Chip Kelly as their new head coach, ending speculation where the former Eagles head coach would end up after being dismissed before the season finished.

Colin Cowherd, host of "The Herd" on FOX Sports Radio, has always been a strong supporter of Kelly, comparing him in the past to innovative companies like Uber and Netflix. So it's no surprise that he spent a large amount of today's show talking about the 49ers new coach.

Unfortunately, Cowherd also took the opportunity to slam Eagles fans for not being "cerebral" enough to understand what a great coach Kelly really was.

"Philadelphia is very much a blue collar, tough guy 'We need Mike Ditka' [city]" Cowherd said in a sarcastic, tough guy voice. "'He's not one of us… he talks down to us."

"San Francisco is has always been innovative. So they're going to accept Chip Kelly as cerebral," Cowherd said.

Despite the fact fans in Philadelphia seemed to embrace Kelly during his first two seasons, Cowherd implied working class Eagles fans weren't smart enough to understand what he was trying to do with his innovative offense.

"I never thought he was a good fit in Philadelphia," Cowherd said. "I think [Eagles' fans] resented him. He wasn't one of youse guys."