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Tony Romo, Cowboys defense ensure humiliating loss in Dallas

- The Cowboys were having problems Sunday afternoon, as a 26-3 lead disappeared against the Packers and led to a humiliating 37-36 loss, keeping the Eagles in first place.

I think I would be a pretty good Cowboys coach. I would just yell "don't do that" and "what are you doing" and "run the ball you idiot".
I am getting this on my wall. I will never have a bad day as long as I see it. Will never forget this game.

- The Eagles' momentum  was no match for the endless mediocrity of a 3-9 Vikings squad. Even on the sidelines, things were so loose, DeSean Jackson felt comfortable enough to shout at people.

Just a real fun game to watch.

- There are plenty of disgruntled parties in D.C. at the moment, and one of them is now Mike Shanahan's offensive coordinator/son.

- Don't worry, Adrian Peterson. You're not going anywhere.

- The average age of Eli Manning's taunters has dropped another generation after his brilliant five-interception performance on Sunday.

Eli Manning is 1st QB with 0 TD, 5 Int & under 200 yards since Mark Sanchez in 2009 #NewYorkFootball

- After a disappointing 24-20 loss to the Dolphins, Tom Brady for some reason wasn't feeling a post game Q&A.

- Man, I want to like a baseball team whose players ask for throwing partners on Twitter.

- I don't know what Hunter Pence is up to, but there is an odd sense of menace about his Christmas plans.