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Eagles are just as likely to make the Super Bowl as the Chiefs

Forget the NFC East - the Eagles could win it all in 2014.

Forget the NFC East - the Eagles could win it all in 2014.

Long ago, Andy Reid left the Eagles and joined the Chiefs, where all agreed he would be happier. He could achieve success as a head coach there, without having to deal with the mean banners that had become apart of the football experience in Philadelphia.

The Eagles, after a lengthy search, brought in Chip Kelly, a playful NCAA mad scientist from the Pacific Northwest. Both teams seemed happy with the result, despite neither team producing results yet.

Then came the results.

Reid's Chiefs barreled out of the gate to a 9-0 start, and Kelly's Eagles produced an electrifying offense that worked until it didn't, and now, thanks to an un-interceptable Nick Foles, it appears to be working again.

Both teams began the season at 50-1, and despite the Eagles' early struggles and the Chiefs' early dominance, they appear on even ground once again, despite the great disparity in their respective Super Bowl odds as recently as Week 9 (Eagles 100:1, Chiefs 12:1).

Certainly the Chiefs' current three-game slide hasn't helped their odds.