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Eagles cheerleader joins Army, delivers baby in Afghanistan

- Some people are just born to be impressive.

Eagles cheerleader joins the Army and goes to Afghanistan
— For The Win (@forthewin) December 20, 2013

25-year-old Rachel Washburn is an Army intelligence officer who was stationed overseas in Afghanistan, after spending three seasons as an Eagles cheerleader.

As her unit was moving out from a village, they were pummeled by a snow storm that had crept up on them. In the midst of the chaos, a woman in the village went into labor. Unable to secure a midwife, her husband did not want male troops to see her, so Washburn and her partner transported her to their hut.

From there, they received instructions from a medical officer over a radio and successfully delivered the baby while the weather continued to rage outside.

Washburn returned stateside in November, but is eager to sign up for a few more years of service.