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Eagles slightly less likely to appear in Super Bowl than before

New Super Bowl odds are out, so that we may better predict which team will win the ultimate prize - a trip to New Jersey in the middle of winter.

The Eagles lost in ridiculous fashion last week to the horrible Minnesota Vikings, and therefore had to watch their Super Bowl odds take a slide; not as dramatic of a slide as it would have been had the Cowboys managed to hold a 26-3 lead, but still. Once sitting pretty at 28-1 odds, the Eagles are now perched at 33-1. The horror!

The Steelers are sitting pretty at 300-to-1, surely the next to find themselves off the list as they take on a resurgent Packers squad, fresh off their big comeback win vs. the Cowboys that saw their odds halved from 50-to-1 to 25-to-1.

Speaking of the Cowboys humiliating themselves, Dallas only fell to 66-to-1 after starting last week at 50-to-1. And if that weren't enough, keep in mind that the Giants and Redskins have long been off the board entirely.