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Evan Turner's production is plummeting

After a hot start to the season, 76ers swingman Evan Turner has cooled off considerably.

At the start of the season, Turner served as a scoring machine for the upstart 76ers, who came out of the gate running at the league's fastest pace, and thus providing Turner ample opportunity to operate.

Throughout the season's first month, he was putting up 20+ points, snagging seven rebounds, and dropping four additional dimes per game. The fourth-year forward from Ohio State was slowly gaining the support of some of the fan base, and even heard his name tossed around early as a potential all-star selection.

These days though, all Turner is hearing his name associated with is trade rumors.

Since the start of the season, Turner's production has plummeted, and all the good will he built up with his strong start is dissipating quickly, leaving the franchise, the fan base, and the forward, frustrated.

"It has definitely had its ups and downs," Turner said about this season, before expressing some contempt for the complaints that seem to follow him.

"I'm having a career year and people are still complaining. I don't pay attention to it anymore. I know I can play basketball."

A career year maybe, but in this situation, that may not be something to boast about. Turner's stats have slipped with each passing month, as has his efficiency.

Here is a look at Turner's point production by month.

October: 26.0 ppg - 60.1 percent (true shooting percentage)

November: 21.1 ppg - 53.1 percent

December: 16.5 ppg - 47.7 percent

January: 16.2 ppg - 50.5 percent

February: 11.6 ppg - 46.0 percent

The drop-off is drastic, especially considering that Turner's usage rate hasn't dipped below 20 percent in any month yet this season. In other words, the opportunities remain, but Turner is struggling to sustain success.

It's not just his own offense either. Turner's assist average has decreased almost every month as well, as he is averaging roughly 2.5 assists through the six February games the team has played so far.

Whether his statistical slip represents regression or simply inability to sustain such stats is unknown, but either way it is alarming. If his production continues along these lines, not only is there is certainly no place for him going forward with the franchise, but also the Sixers will struggle to find trade value for the former top two pick.