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Even Michael Irvin picks Eagles over Cowboys

"Unspeakable, even for us," they called it in the Daily News.

As Eagles fans cheered while Michael Irvin's limp body was carted off the field, they had no idea they were solidifying their role as the league's punching bag for fan villainy. It was a regrettable moment, sure, but has become one of the cliches spouted by those out of the loop each time "bad fans" are brought up, as if it's a story no one's heard for a while.

In the end, it's in the past, along with the litany of anecdotes exaggerated and hyperbolized today. At least Michael Irvin seems over it on Sunday NFL Countdown. Or maybe the Cowboys are just that bad.

Michael Irvin picked the Eagles. Be very afraid.

In fact, because the prediction portion of the broadcast took place before Mike Ditka fell asleep on the air, we saw that every one of the analysts on Sunday NFL Countdown picked the Eagles. This is good if you draw confidence from people on TV, and bad if you believe in jinxes.

It seems without Tony Romo or linebacker Sean Lee, the Kyle Orton-led Cowboys just don't inspire a lot of confidence, unless you're Troy Aikman.