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Five potential draft day scenarios for the Sixers

1. Stay put: The Sixers stand pat at their selection spots of third and tenth and use their picks to select the available players that best fit the franchise. Considering Sam Hinkie's [short] draft history with the Sixers, their reported interest in Andrew Wiggins, and their desire to stockpile assets, this scenario seems somewhat unlikely.

2. Make a move to acquire the top overall pick in the draft: The Sixers making a trade to move up to the draft's top pick seemed unlikely a little over a week ago, but Joel Embiid's latest injury issue has certainly impacted the Sixers' draft plan. Originally it looked as though Cleveland would select Embiid first overall, and that Milwaukee might make Jabari Parker their pick, allowing Wiggins to slip to the Sixers at three. Now however, it is very likely that Wiggins and Parker will be the first two players selected, and if the Sixers really want Wiggins they very well may have to make a move to get him.

3. Make a move to acquire an addition lottery pick: Sam Hinkie is big on adding assets, and there is some speculation circulating that the Sixers are interested in acquiring another lottery pick, in addition to the third and tenth picks. While this would take some finagling, there are options. The Kings are reportedly willing to trade the eighth pick, and there has been some noise about the Sixers acquiring the seventh pick from the Lakers, although reigning Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams would likely have to be involved in such a move. Maybe Thaddeus Young and some of those second-round picks come in handy here?

4. Move back up into the later first round: The draft's first round is beyond decently deep, and if they don't acquire a third lottery pick, the Sixers might be interested in moving back up into the later first round. Some second round picks and/or Thaddeus Young may allow them to move back into the latter first round, where they could still find some potentially franchise-fitting talent. Players like James Young, C.J. Wilcox, and Adreian Payne are projected as later first-round picks, and each could make a potentially solid selection for the Sixers. Might teams with multiple first round picks outside of the lottery, like Phoenix or Oklahoma City, being willing to part with a pick?

5. Sam Hinkie pulls a move out of thin air: After only a season with the Sixers, Sam Hinkie has developed a sort of mythical status as a magic man who can make appealing moves appear. While his mystique may be a bit exaggerated, he has demonstrated an uncanny ability to acquire assets and to try out talent that may have been otherwise overlooked. With the Sixers still fully entrenched in rebuilding mode, I expect Hinkie to leave no stone unturned in his draft day preparation plans. It appears that no player, including Carter-Williams, is untouchable, and Hinkie will be likely looking to leave the draft with the highest quantity of potential impact players. He has already demonstrated his ability to get deals done, and Thursday will offer him ample opportunity to make moves.